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        WORLD OF RADIO #999, produced August 11, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Thanks to Dave Hughes for declaring ours website of the week; his is
 http://www.geocities.com/~dcrtv/ for Washington DC media news
*International Radio Report August 22 plans to have us as live guest,
 1430 UT on FM and http://www.ckut.ca
*RIB subscribers got advance word of all the special eclipse 
 transmissions; MW band opened up in Ireland; Sweden and BBC specials
*Radio Caroline starting SW August 14; low power R. Caroline on MW
*Merlin SW schedule for "Global Sound Kitchen"
*RN has a Month of Pete Myers in August
*Deutsche Welle ceasing Greek service, but Greeks try to save it
*New on BBC World Service: Matter for Debate; Car Stories; Prom Concert
 for Duke Ellington; Brain of Britain; Dreamtime Dreams; Future 
 Perfect; Hot New Country; Waveguide; Green Champions
*R. Latvia International ceases SW for internet
*RDP International, Portugal has new relay via Taiwan for Timor
*Referendum in East Timor delayed again
*R. Taibei International in German via UK
*Christian Science relay schedule via Taiwan
*China Radio International new Urumchi frequency to Africa in Europe
*CRI via French Guiana shifted frequency, doubled audio feed; Canada 
*R. Thailand via Udorn to North America, Europe
*R. Pakistan slow English newscast missing
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 999; 
 wghauser@yahoo.com or Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax if really 
 necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; website 
*Check site for full info on subscribing to Review of International
 Broadcasting Online; price amounts to 25 cents for a 60K issue
*Israel changed all frequencies for one English broadcast
*Israel has new Hebrew call-in fortnightly for expatriates
*V. of Palestine monitored on four frequencies at once
*Mother of Battles Radio, Iraq, heard in three-hour broadcast
*R. Tanzania Zanzibar needs reports to be in Swahili
*Kenya has new security net for tourist safety including HF
*R. Australia cleans out old QSLs for 60th anniversary
*AFRTS USB transmitters pinpointed to a certain Florida Key
*VOA's new director made bad impression on Talk to America
*US Government setting up International Public Information group
 to control overseas news
*AT&T authorized again to close down High Seas Operators
*Tom Sundstrom downsizes http://www.trsc.com due to medical problems
*Dave Kirby's Cybershortwave #3 published; see http://www.n1dk.com
*Broadcast Electronics and Lucent Digital testing IBOC digital on
 two New Jersey FM stations
*FM Atlas new edition finally published; inquire at FMAtlas@aol.com
*Jay Marvin about to leave KHOW Denver, but where next?
*The Great Eastern definitely canceled by CBC; replacement
*R. Nacional de Venezuela heard on onetime megawatt MW frequency
*HCJB and others anticipating digital SW broadcasting, never SSB
*R. Nacional, Rio de Janeiro on new 49mb frequency
*Argentine MW 4th harmonic on 6 MHz band
*Radio Shack discontinues DX-392, clearance price
*Possible fix for dead Sony ICF-2010
*Possible fix for sick Icom R71-A
*Check FM and TV DX via Perseid Meteor Shower
*How solar cycle is progressing
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 10; flux peak 205
*That's WOR 999; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me again next week