WORLD OF RADIO 998, produced July 27, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*New Continent of Media now available at as well
 as previous one
*COM on SW only from RFPI: Tue 2000, Wed 1730, Fri 1900, Sat 1730 plus
*FM Shalom 107.1, Mendoza, Argentina, heard on 60 meters
*R. Chota, Peru, has professional sounding news
*New Dateline Bogota website with 6 years of info, Peruvian geography
 [NOTE: the D must be in caps, HK points out.]
*Colombian clandestine Voz de la Resistencia -- Bloque Oriental
*RFPI goals include six 100 kW transmitters, streaming, dedicated UN
 channel on SW. Tape catalog at
*Cuba's CLA still heard on CW, among others
*President ignores advisory board on R. Marti call for ouster of head;
 more at
*Obituary for Dr. Diego Medina, Voz de Alpha 66
*Two Cubans defect at Pan American games, including Rebelde journalist 
*CBC Radio 2 on new ExpressVu Nimiq satellite audible in USA
*CBC testing on new FM frequency in Toronto
*Standard disclaimer
*The only DX program broadcast every day of the week by one SW station
 or another, World of Radio, 998. or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK, 73702, USA; fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn
 Hauser. Check our website
*Spanish stereo pirate outside the FM band in Waukegan
*Where's Gil Gross now?
*New hacker show on WBCQ, Off the Hook
*WRMI puts Viva Miami and more Wavescan on new frequency; earlier start?
*Merlin signs new deals with CBS Taiwan, including RTI relays via
 Britain, Christian Science via Taiwan ex-Saipan
*R. Australia has new interview show with Margaret Throsby, a la Desert
 Island Discs
*North and South Korea in satellite TV war
*V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, transmitter problems, frequency change
*Kol Israel frequency change in English
*VOA heard on unlisted 60 meter frequency [maybe image of 5745?]
*R. Yugoslavia puts mixing product outside 49m band
*People panting at sweltering V. of Russia
*Belarus schedule of station relays at 1100
*RFE/RL in Prague threatened with terrorist attack; security enhanced
*BBCWS' Just a Taste recipe show distasteful with vegetarian host
*Lives and Times, new series on BBC WS
*More English times from V. of Africa, Libya
*V. of Sudan observations on 8 MHz, interference
*NBC Namibia back on 90 meters
*Echelon satellite/computer system intercepts all messages
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