WORLD OF RADIO #997, produced July 21, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Don't delay if you want to send us a cassette for airing on WOR 1000
 which may air the week of August 18 or 25
*New Continent of Media 99-05 now produced; should be available by
 late July or early August from RFPI and
 includes recordings of Climax TIS, CBL closedown
*Libya's English broadcast
*Sudan and Eritrea still clandestine to each other around 8 MHz
*Somalia logs in the upper 6 MHz band
*Ironic if I electrocute myself in the shower
*Spain's program for mariners originates in Canary Islands
*Portugal's African service on 13m goes and comes; nice music
*SW Relay Service, Europe on different 13m frequency; heard in NZ
*AFN Frankfurt may move, but not this year
*R. Belarus International English schedule
*Monitor cruise ship webcams, such as Grand Princess:
*Royal Tournament July 20-August 2, Air Training Corps specials on
 utility, ham bands from England
*BBC Monitoring 60th anniversary website:
*In the midst of WOR 997, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or or fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn 
 Hauser. See our website
*Sample and subscribe to Review of International Broadcasting online;
 info from but don't be anonymous
*BBC to get hefty increase in licence fee, for digital TV owners
*Rumored for number two position at BBC: Jenny Abramsky
*BBCWS late July/early August previews: Back from the Edge; Block on
 Block; Spinning Yarns
*VNG Aussie timesignal again endangered. Send support to VNG Users 
 Consortium, GPO Box 1090, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
*Maoris win ownership of New Zealand radio spectrum
*RNB Brazil external services missing; president "extinguished" 
*RFPI Global Community Forum live call-in this week on "What is 
 Pacifica coming to?" UT Friday July 23 at 0200 plus several repeats
*Lister Sinclair's replacement as CBC Ideas host
*CBC's likely new head
*As It Happens curtailed three days a week; what fills the half-hours
*Randi Steele denies last week's Cumbre report 
*WGTG welcomes American Dissident Voices, neo-Nazi program
*Anti-Christ program website still exists:
*AWR Wavescan found on WRMI's new 7465; nothing else worth hearing
*Correxion to last week's AFRTS frequencies: 6458.5, 4278.5
*Set up your own classical translator with WCPE's help. Contact
*CQ magazine editor K2EEK dies
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 20: flux peak 200
*Standared disclaimer
*"That's the way the world spins"
*Join me again next week for World of Radio; this was 997       ###