WORLD OF RADIO #996, produced July 14, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WOR Extra #30 now produced, release date not yet decided; topic list
*WOR listeners invited to subscribe to Review of International 
 Broadcasting Online for $20 or less -- info by E-mail from but do not be anonymous
*Congratulations to WWCR on their tenth anniversary
*R. Nueva Cajamarca, Peru heard in Tokyo on 51 meter band
*R. Litoral, Honduras, schedule, address
*La Voz de la Mosquitia, Honduras expected back; owners turned it off
 to prevent non-Christian programming
*Guatemala plans 51-meter band frequency
*V. of Vietnam official visits Habana
*VOV has RealAudio hour on website
*R. Pakistan frequency changes
*R. Tashkent English schedule
*IBB/VOA Iranawila, Sri Lanka, proof-of-performance tests July 17-24;
 21 MHz frequencies. For full schedule see our DX Report 99-30 at
*AFN/AFRTS SSB relays still going; program schedule monitoring needed
*WRMI Miami finally takes our advice and starts new frequency
 (recording); no jamming so far, but no programming worth hearing 
 either. What happened to Prague relay?
*WRNO's main transmitter destroyed by fire, so off the market for now
*Fundamental Broadcasting Network about to start new SW in North 
*WBCQ additional transmitter plans; Randi sabotaged attempts to run
 trans-gender and homosexual programming; Al Weiner Worldwide reported
 on visit to NAA
*Museum ships amateur specials July 17-18; more info at
*W.O.R. 996; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
 or by fax if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; see website
*Moon landing anniversary specials: Soundprint July series on public
*BBC WS: Lost in Space week on My Century; Discovery; Talking Point;
 Meridian Feature on Hemingway; Play of the Week: A Farewell to Arms;
 Prom Concert season begins July 17
*Merlin did test per schedule last week, but no Virgin Radio; instead,
 stations like Flat Earth Radio
*Sunrise Radio powerhouse signal missing from 51 meters
*Site for RTE Ireland relay to Central America discovered
*Isle of Man Broadcasting plans not only LW, but SW and satellite
*Bastille Day story: French are marking out their own prime meridian
*M2000A special events ham station from Greenwich Meridian in Jan-Feb
*German government makes massive budget cuts on Deutsche Welle; great
 job losses expected, and cut some language services
*DW plans to use 11 meters this winter
*Rumors that AFN may close down MW in Frankfurt
*Switzerland intends to revive European services after complaints
*One of Yugoslavia's English to NAm is 6 days a week, but folk music
 the other day
*TWR Moldova megawatt MW frequency identified
*As It Happens shortened for summer with different programs in last
 half hour
*Armed conflict and arrests at Pacifica's KPFA in Berkeley in 
 management dispute
*Free Radio Berkeley vows to return due to lack of FCC action
*Spanish and Hassidic FM pirate heard in NYC
*Feds bust FM pirate in Federal Heights, Colorado
*C. Crane Co. 1999 catalog published, including my 1999 SW frequency
 list. 1-800-522-8863 (TUNE)
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa issued June 30
*Propagation outlook from Boulder issued July 13: flux peak 200
*That's WOR 996; Glenn Hauser inviting you to tune in again next week