WORLD OF RADIO #995, produced July 7, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*New time for us on WWCR: Sat 1930 on 12160
*RFPI new time for Continent of Media: Wed 1730 on 15049, 21460-USB;
 may not repeat at Thu 0130; 0930 when 15049 is now 24h?
*First three COMs of 1999 and Mundo Radial now at
*COM 99-04 now being aired by RFPI, and up at
*Look at more and more new features at
*Brief cassette recordings from listeners invited for WOR 1000
*WGTG found on new USB-only frequency
*Vermont drive-in audio MW harmonic active again 
*Voice of America's new head
*RCI's new Program and Operations director
*CBC removes co-host of This Morning
*China accused of electronic spying from Cuba, interfering with US
 air traffic control, with SW relay a cover [Pinar del Rio is SW of
 Habana, not SE]
*R. Mexico International returned just after we recorded 994
*Colombian still using old and new names
*La Voz de la Resistencia heard on two frequencies
*Peruvian DX news: R. Amistad, R. Virgen del Carmen, R. Huarmaca
*SODRE, Uruguay, reactivated with different relay, frequency clash
*Star Radio, Liberia, wants shortwave frequency back for rural service
*Ghana newscasts archived at
*Kenya reported using only one SW frequency, heard on another
*Somali station heard on the 6 MHz outof band
*Via Maine, Connecticut, Tennessee, Iowa, Oregon, Costa Rica, 
 International Vacuum, and elsewhere, W.O.R. 995,
 or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; fax if really necessary:
 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check our website for info on all our
 broadcasts and publications:
*WOR listeners invited to subscribe to our E-mail only bulletin
 RIBOLD; anonymous inquiries not answered. Ask for sample and 
 subscription info from our E-mail address above
*Standard disclaimer
*Trans World Radio applies for 100 kW SW license in Burkina Faso in 
 cooperation with HCJB; also has access to megawatt [MW] in Moldova
 from August
*Belarussian domestic on new frequency
*Poland testing alternate longwave frequency
*Romanian transmitter with terrible signal, spurs
*Croatian Radio heard with less English news
*R. Yugoslavia has resumed English to North America, on two frequencies;
 back to business as usual in European service
*Allied Voice NATO broadcasts from planes to Yugoslavia no longer heard
*V. of Malta expanding SW service, adding Spanish; also on internet at - current English
*Correction to 993: Spain in languages at 2230, not 2200
*Virgin Radio on SW via Merlin, Friday and Saturday only
*BBC WS to North America cuts to only one frequency after 0400
*New BBC head chosen amid controversy
*RTE Ireland adds broadcast to Central America, from where? Frequency
 change to Africa
*Israel changes frequency again to avoid clash
*Hong Kong Voice of Democracy plans to use SW to HK itself
*Papua New Guinea confirmed with longer hours, lower power
*Hunting for new head of ABC/Australia to replace RA-harmer
*ABC turns off RealAudio due to cost; Microsoft MediaPlayer instead
*R. Kiribati back on SW, even with backup transmitter
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 6: flux peak 200
*W.O.R. 994, Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to hear me again next week
 [oops, I said 994 here instead of correct 995...!]                 ###