WORLD OF RADIO #994, produced June 23, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Oklahoma Broadcasting News has new upload; click on it at
*Review of International Broadcasting E-mail bulletin passes 300 issues;
 new subscribers may inquire for one sample issue to
 - no anonymous inquiries will be answered
*Dave Zantow has 10-minute World of Radio audio highlights, - also lots of receiver info
*DXpedition will post results quickly on website from Grayland, WA from
 June 26 -
*Sheigra, Scotland DXpedition site and other DX news at
*V. of Nigeria still on the air, contrary to last week's report
*Congo Democratic radio news to be relayed via Gabon
*Rwanda arrested hate-radio journalist; asks for forgiveness
*Botswana harmonic logged again, and why it appears
*Eritrean clandestines on new frequency; or Sudanese?
*Tanzania frequency varies
*Argentine pirate harmonic on almost same frequency
*R. Fosil, Argentina, SW frequency and equipment info
*LRA/RAE Argentina has folk music series
*Bolivian identified on 60 meters
*Brazilian 120 meter station info
*Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine, heard again inside 49m
*TIFC, Costa Rica, heard in English at midday
*Second Opinion ceasing production; remaining times to hear it on RFPI
*Nicaraguan program on TIAWR heard at another time
*Commie Cubans attack Voz Cristiana with jamming; intended for Marti?
*XERMX missing from 31 meters [but back June 24]
*The non-governmental, non-religious, non-corporate, non-commercial, 
 non-communist, non-scripted, non-musical DX program, WOR 994, P O Box 
 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; - fax if really necessary 
 1-580-233-2948, attn Hauser; 
*Papua New Guinea irregular times on 60 and 30 meters
*UN broadcasting to East Timor, Radio UNAMET
*Israel's ultra-orthodox pirates quit before bust
*Turkey audio improved, and another essay contest this year
*Ukraine on 16m likely a 3rd harmonic of 49m frequency
*R. Bulgaria changes format of DX programs, wants response
*R. Tirana frequencies severely distorted
*RTE Ireland starts Albanian broadcasts on MW for refugees
*German ham DXpedition to Liechtenstein until June 25
*REE Spain director dismissed; new one is third in a sesquiyear
*R. Free London plans extensive tests on ex-BBC frequency
*Indigo Blue tested once via Merlin SW frequencies
*BBC WS previews late June and early July: Just A Minute; Live from
 Glastonbury '99; Diana Ross' Collection; Composer of the Month: Mozart;
 Concert Hall with worldmusic; Climate Story
*BBC plans move to South Bank of the Thames
*CBL Toronto closed down; "14 watt" North Carolinan heard instead
*CBM and CBF Montreal frequencies assigned new stations
*BBC WS heard on RFPI frequency, a Sackville mistake
*WWBS, Georgia putting out spurs
*Hams decide on nationwide storm-spotter 2m frequency
*CD Radio signs deal with Ford
*Correction: Sound and Spirit, not Heart and Voice with monkey music
*Australian midwinter conditions kicked in
*Up over, 13m open 24 hours, such as Dubai
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 22; flux peak 170
*And so concludes another World of Radio, number 994; I'm Glenn Hauser #