WORLD OF RADIO #992, produced June 9, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*British DX Club publishes Summer 1999 edition of Broadcasts in 
 English; 1.2 pounds or 6 x 2nd class stamps in UKOGBANI; 3 IRCs to 
 Europe; 4 IRCs or US$4 to rest of world from BDXC, 126 Bargery Road, 
 Catford, London SE6 2LR, England
*TDP has new SW Transmitter Countries at
*R. Kudirat Nigeria is still on air as before, tho cosmetically deleted
 from SENTECH schedule
*Frequency last week for V. of Oromo Liberation: 15715
*Serbian homeservice not switched to Bijeljina site; still off
*Chancellor, not Jacor, responsible for moving classical from FM to AM
 in Denver
*AWR Wavescan not on air via Slovakia, Germany or South Africa; just
 via Guam, Italy; also on WRN satellite/internet, and AWR's own audio
*"Faith-healer" Benny Hinn setting up TV station in Papua New Guinea;
 TBN head in hot water over cannibalism charge
*IBRA pentecostal program in Bengali masquerades as Islamic program,
 via Tashkent on SW, "Jiban Tarango"
*R. Pakistan English frequencies at 1600
*R. Japan Canadian relay in morning unusable; try another frequency;
 includes Asian Top News from other stations
*CRI confirms tests are via Cuba
*QSL from LRA36 Antarctica gives schedule; but extensions possible
*R. Fosil plays fossilized music
*Peru's R. Sudamerica, La Inmortal reactivated
*R. Casino, Costa Rica, back on air daily
*XERMX's Spanish and English mailbag and DX program timings
*S. American criminals hide under Peruvian broadcasters
*Colombia's FARC clandestine has FM program in Sweden, R. Cafe Estereo
*Via SW, satellite, cable, internet, FM and AM, WOR 992; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax if really
 necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check our website frequently:
*Sad news from Sweden: Arne Skoog died June 7; tribute on MediaScan
*R. Finland's Latin news scripts are on CBC website
 and when to hear it;
*R. Ukraine Int'l new frequency schedule and monitoring
*SW Relay Service special June 16 for International Refugee Day
*Ismaning site near Munich open June 13 for Grand Collecting Convention
 and Radio Market
*DW off the air 12 hours due to a fire in the building
*R. France Int'l poor audio quality in English seems internet feed
*Thunderstorm about to attack Enid; let's hope I survive...
*V. of the Mediterranean, Malta via Italy, new time for English
*Israel redirects two frequencies toward western North America
*CBL Toronto about to close down June 19
*RCI/CBC third hour Sundays again Best Minds of Our Time with Gzowski
*CFVP, Alberta really getting out if you are in Wyoming
*America One TV network has put-on talkshow, Ian and Clare Show
*Cartoon Network favorites: Cow and Chicken; Space Ghost Coast to Coast
*CBS TV movie Sunday June 13: "What Love Sees" about KC9RP Hap Holly
*WGN Chicago Extension 720 June previews
*DX Together in central Wisconsin June 19;
*ARRL's Kids Day June 19
*Naturist Amateur Radio Club specials June 10-13, July 5-11 with 
 special QSL, certificate from NU5DE
*Globe Wireless has dropped CW traffic lists and weather; HF and MF
 to be shut down July 12; but E-mail via HF is growing
*WBCQ has new hate-speech policy: and has new hour
 for gay and trans-sexual programming
*Longest days of year and rising sunspots keep 13m open all night
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 8; flux peak 165
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 992                  ###