WORLD OF RADIO #990, produced by Glenn Hauser, from May 19

*Standard disclaimer
*Station beside WWCR and us is Radio Free Asia
*RCI frequency changes
*Wyoming's X-band station at low power with homebrew antenna
*San Antonio-Austin will soon have new channel 2 TV station
*R. Marti starts using 13 meters [and it's already bubble-jammed]
*Chinese aid for Cuba's "Titan" shortwave site in Bejucal
*Mexico's SW stations get no respect, even from Cuba
*R. Mexico Int'l new URL: lining Tonga's pockets
*AWR Costa Rica has programs from Nicaragua
*Mid-program amenities: WOR 990, or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702, USA; fax if really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn
 Hauser; website
*AWR English schedules, some of which should include Wavescan on
 Saturday or Sunday
*unID on 9825 -- could it be Kiribati?
*New Zealand has regular gardening show; Mailbox half an hour late
*When to hear "Waltzing Matilda" on R. Australia; BBC Bow Bells
*Cox Peninsula site may come back, leased to foreign broadcasters;
 and RA could sub-lease it; projected schedule includes 11 meters
*Papua New Guinea PM takes control of NBC; and welcomes Benny Hinn,
 American evangelist, to set up TV station
*V. of Vietnam relays via Russia in English
*R. Yugoslavia's new posted reduced schedule, not to N. America
*BBC WS previews late May - early June: Music festival from Glasgow--
 World of Music and International Recital; Crossing Cultures; 
 Imposters; Waveguide
*BBC changed heavily promoted Assignment topic from Cuba to Albania
*Holding over Spain's sephardic show item
*That's WOR 990; I'm Glenn Hauser                               ###