WORLD OF RADIO #987, produced April 28, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*A new Continent of Media, 99-03, now available on RFPI, and on  See topic summary at our website
*Last week's WOR distribution problems: missing from WRN1 to Europe;
 and WRN ondemand not available [nor to RFPI] until Monday but is now
*Serb TV bombed last week, and also disrupted feed of R. Yugoslavia
 SW programs to transmitter site, which were not bombed; heard at the
 moment of bombing and still missing; second SW site still heard with
 domestic service; still text and English audio on web at new URL - SW frequency clashes with VOA
*NATO aircraft broadcasts to Yugoslavia on MW heard as far away as
 Czech Republic in daytime; American accent and propaganda not likely
 to impress Serbs
*Austria adds 5-hour service to Balkans on MW, SW, "Neighbor in Need"
*V. of Russia's Joe Adamov unhappy with official Russian position 
*V. of Russia times for program previews
*V. of Russia Kosovo special times; one hour switches English, Spanish
*R. Moldova International, English schedule
*Georgian Radio's English schedule
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania's new 100 kW now in service; adding North 
 American antenna later; planned frequencies
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 987
*Standard disclaimer
*Our new E-mail address, not hotmail
*Our website:
*P-mail P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*R. Free London pirate appears on frequency BBC was forced to vacate
*BBC WS previews starting in early May: Cuba on Meridian; Assignment on
 Cuban culture; Composer of the Month; Performance; Counterpoint; 
 Border Run repeats; Eureka; Everywoman; My Century
*Israel Defence Forces' Galei Zahal not heard on SW any more
*V. of Independent Kurdistan on 7 MHz band
*Takhar Radio, anti-Taleban for Afghanistan changes sked on 7 MHz
*Vietnam settles down on 13 MHz band; Russian relay to NAm
*R. New Zealand Int'l new schedule from May 1
*FEBA Seychelles in English, Dhivehi
*Aydid's radio in Somalia sacks old staff over pay, plans comeback
*R. Tanzania heard 3 hours after sunrise on 7 MHz band
*R. Ecclesia, Angola, once on SW, now on internet: or [not eclesia]
*V. of Nigeria on 7 MHz partly blocked by VOA
*LRA36, Antarctica plans another DX special May 1-2
*R. Fides, Bolivia strong signal in France; and more early mornings
*Peruvian IDed as R. Paz y Vida
*Another Peruvian, R. Super Nueva Sensacion changes frequency
*Colombian clandestines Voz de la Resistencia, R. Patria Libre
*VOA heard with Albanian humanitarian messages
*WRMI unheard, but says still with NW antenna for R. Prague
*Jean Shepherd time on WBCQ changing
*Randi Steele quit WBCQ over hate-speech policy, Brother Stair
*ANARC SWL net Sunday mornings suspended
*Propagation outlook from Boulder April 27; flux peak 140
*World of Radio 987; I'm Glenn Hauser                        ###