WORLD OF RADIO #984, produced April 7, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Most frustrating week ever on E-mail, all hotmail's fault, running
 extremely slow, if can get in at all; some may be deleted before I
 can ever get to it; resend anything important since April 1 
*So effective immediately, delete and delete, replace with: for mailing
 lists and all correspondence!!
*Wolfgang Bueschel of BC-DX has been in hospital for heart surgery,
 now recuperating; best wishes for full recovery!
*WOR on WWCR: Sunday 0930 on 5070 to be dropped soon if not already;
 starting this week, new Saturday 1130 on 12160; reports welcome
*Same time Saturday 1130 on 6975 from RFPI, may be better west of the
*Continent of Media 99-03 not yet produced
* being sold by Harry Helms to Universal Radio as
 of June 1; COM audio likely to continue
* functioning well; check for
 latest info on all our broadcasts and publications, E-mail situation
*Place to get the A-99 HFCC shortwave frequency schedule (zipped):
*As expected, National Guard PsyOps planes from Pennsylvania are 
 being used for broadcasts to Yugoslavia, 'Commando Solo'
*Radio Yugoslavia changed schedule after one week due to DST in North
 America, also avoids interference; includes jingles
*Radio B-92, Belgrade, closed by authorities
*Russia planned to broadcast B-92 from Moldova
*New Kosova Crisis webpage by Karen J. Pagoo; cheer her on:
*V. of Russia started special broadcasts to Balkans, including English;
 speaking to NATO troops; see
*V. of Russia's best frequencies in English to North America
*Past the halfway point: WOR #984; don't use hotmail anymore, but or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; by fax if
 really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check our website: including our DX news reports
*AMSAT France objects to Russian mini-Sputnik 99 plans to broadcast
 Swatch advertising as "Beatnik" on 2 meters
*R. Romania Int'l English monitoring observations, interference
*Lithuania's only shortwave frequency heard testing new transmitter
*Deutsche Welle changes in English programming to North America
*R. France Int'l as monitored in English; and on 11 meters
*Still waiting for activity on 25 MHz band like ten years ago
*BBC WS jumbles more programming to accomodate more news
*Headline item about submarine specials delayed a week
*April is Maritime Month, with ham operations from British coastal
 stations; and from others around the world April 10-11. More info at
*V. of Turkey's English partial schedule; erratic transmission
*V. of the Islamic Republic of Iran complete English schedule, many
 new frequencies
*Bangladesh has erratic old transmitter at Sahar; English schedule
*V. of Vietnam on new 13 MHz frequency; and new frequency usage
*R. Nacional del Paraguay 19 MHz harmonic heard in USA
*R. Cultura, Brazil heard over darkness on 17 MHz
*Space Environment Center with new short-term predictions on website
 updated every 15 minutes:
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 984                      ###