WORLD OF RADIO #983, produced March 30, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*New WOR schedule on World Radio Network-1 in UT: NAm Sat 1600, Sun
 0530; Eu Sat 0330, 0800; Af/As/Pac Sun 1030
*Radio for Peace International trying 15049 as late as 0800; reports
 wanted to
*We're back Saturday mornings on WWCR from April 10: 1130 UT or 6:30 
 am CDT on 12160
*Remaining WOR on WWCR times as shifted for DST from April 4: UT Sun
 0229, 0630, 0930 all on 5070; Mon 0500 on 3210; Tue 1230 and 2030 on
*New program on RCI: N.S. Kitchen Party
*X-band station in Texas had DX test and begins regular schedule
*New old shows on WBCQ: Amos 'n' Andy; Jean Shepherd
*Greece via Delano moved to 17 MHz, no longer masking Antarctica
*Paraguayan harmonic showing again on 19 MHz band
*RFPI's new Nigerian program is mostly in Yoruba, seems clandestine;
 ABS Radio International, the Voice of Democracy
*Voice of Nigeria, official station, off 15 MHz awaiting parts
*Channel Africa A-99 schedule in English
*Mozambique reactivates another frequency
*Somali station taken over by a different faction
*Strike not only at CBC, but also Morocco, India, Israel
*Voice of Turkey on a new English frequency
*Anti-Taleban station in Afghanistan back on a new frequency
*R. Thailand back on summer frequency to North America
*R. Taipei International via WYFR back on summer frequency to Europe
*NBC Papua New Guinea being restructured, staff sharply cut
*R. Australia's new frequency to Europe; North American mornings
*R. New Zealand International's new Mailbox time, corrected
*Sea Launch from near Kiribati orbits mockup satellite; Greenpeace
*Via SW, satellite, cable, FM, AM, internet, and something else,
 WOR 983; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
 fax if really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser  See our website
*Standard disclaimer
*R. Yugoslavia's new English schedule; one clashes with Gabon; is its
 Bosnian transmitter site off-limits for bombing?
*B-92 independent station in Belgrade via internet, satellite, MW via
 Austria; SW via europirate; new backup website:
*Sheldon Harvey editorial on the value of shortwave, especially now;
 help spread the word
*Broadcasters to Yugoslavia expanded, including France, VOA, RFE/RL,
*BBC WS in English expanded news at expense of scheduled feature
*BBC previews: 1999 Reith Lectures; The Khalsa - Birth of a Community
*Merlin Network One now clashes with Cuba
*Belgium's new Bonaire relay to WNAm inaudbile there, poor here; Radio
 World on UT Sunday, not Monday
*Sweden has a second frequency at 0330, but blocked by Cuban jammer
*Norway back to normal with power cable restored
*Deutsche Welle budget cuts certain, cancel some languages; but 24h
 English on satellite about to start
*R. Prague's new English frequencies checked
*R. Bulgaria clashes with WGTG
*R. Romania Int'l found on new frequency which might clash with Brazil
*Spain's new English schedule includes 15 MHz to NAm; frequency and 
 time to Europe differs depending on day of week
*Italy on 15 MHz among other bands to North America in English
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, issued March 17
*That's WOR 983; Glenn Hauser inviting you to join me again next week ##