WORLD OF RADIO #982, produced March 24, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Another week of confusion, March 28-April 4 between start of DST in
 Europe and North America
*WOR times on WRN expected to shift one UT hour earlier from March 28;
 or maybe April 4 on NAm service; see
*From Sunday April 4 at 0800 UT, all our times on WWCR and WBCQ shift
 one UT hour earlier on same frequencies; latest info on our website
*RFPI times stay at same UT, but seem one hour later by local clock
 in DST areas
*RFPI back on 15049, 21460-USB, including Spanish in mornings
*R. Yugoslavia's English to North America; about to change
*Belgrade's independent B-92 closed down hours before bombing; but 
 still on and satellite
*Pristina FM station voluntarily closes; crackdown on Serbian media,
 but more and more independent outlets
*Albania expands to all-night for the crisis
*Tirana's English and Albanian to North America schedules
*R. Bulgaria's new summer English schedule [clashes with WGTG]
*V. of Russia funded for another year
*R. Reason (Racja) planned on SW from Poland to Belarus
*R. Ukraine Int'l new English schedule; some transmitters silent
*R. Budapest's new English schedule
*R. Budapest heard in NAm on 11 meters, but about to go off
*France to be only 11m station for summer
*R. Prague's new English on higher frequencies
*Deutsche Welle budget cut opposed
*DW plans long periods of English on 49m
*Switzerland's new English schedule; including Singapore relay
*R. Netherlands continues with two Bonaire frequencies to Africa
*The no-nonsense DX program, WOR 982; or P O Box
 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn
 Hauser; info all our broadcasts and publications at our website
*BBC WS major timing changes from March 28; Write On/Waveguide;
 Weekend; Focus on Faith; Farming World; Science Extra; Outlook;
 Insight; From Our Own Correspondent; Letter from America
*BBC previews: Composer of the Month; Performance; Counterpoint;
 Coffee--A Hellish Brew; Going South
*R. Sweden's English to North America, new season includes 18 MHz
*Kuwait and WSHB scheduled to clash on same 18 MHz frequency
*Kuwait also could clash with RFPI
*Radio Korea Int'l new schedule in English via Skelton, Sackville
*R. Australia program and time changes March 28
*British company buys Australian transmission network, including SW
*R. New Zealand Int'l changes time of new UT Thursday Mailbox airing;
 staying on one hour later than expected; frequency lineup
*LRA36 [Antarctica] special for USA Sat March 27 at 2330-0100 on
 15476; maybe weekly. Also heard testing another evening
*Argentina plans 300-600 new MW stations including X-band
*R. Panorama, San Juan de Recopampa Peru, verified; schedule and info
*Peruvian on 4534.1 identified, with strong signal
*Clarifying info on FARC clandestine, Voz de la Resistencia; Comandante
 Gildardo; tribe named U'wa
*Colombian 32 MHz VHF link's location, station
*New Costa Rican 3 MHz station planned at Jaco
*KTBK, 1700 kHz in Texas plans Saturday evening DX test
*Black Rock Radio/KMUD pirate plans test on 9 MHz band
*CBC journalists settled strike at last minute, but not technicians
*Sudan registered on imaginary? frequencies including 15, 11 MHz
*Master DXer John Tuchscherer, Neenah, WI, died March 15 at age of 88
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 23: flux peak 150
*So goes WOR 982; I'm Glenn Hauser                                ###