WORLD OF RADIO #980, produced March 10, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Seasonal changes soon for A-99 season March 28; DST in NAm April 4
*Until then, WOR on WWCR: UT Sun 0329 on 5070, Sun 0730 and 1030 on
 5070; Mon 0600 on 3210; Tue 1330 and new 2130 on 15685
*RFPI has been off the air daytime with both 15 and 21 MHz down, but
 loud and clear after 0000 on 6975
*LRA36 Antarctica now on normal schedule, not so late into night, so 
 hard to hear in NAm, but easy in Europe
*R. Estudio Dos Mil, Peru far outside "49 mb"
*Inband Colombian is clandestine Voz de la Resistencia, not Selva
*HCJB A-99 in English to Europe, Pacific
*Update on R. Miskut, Nicaragua: using exciter only again; yet heard 
 in Spain
*R. Congo heard on 59 mb
*V. of Freedom and Renewal, Sudanese clandestine
*Hargeisa and R. Mogadishu, V. of the People keep changing frequencies
*R. Tanzania active on 41 mb
*R. Mozambique heard on 19 mb during cyclone
*Australia on 60 mb is mixing product
*Taiwan scheduled with two more hours of English direct
*Russia made seasonal changes March 7 to 25 mb
*Including V. of Vietnam relay, also to 41 mb for NAm
*Clear signal from R. Romania
*Bulgaria is not dropping Spanish service; misunderstanding
*R. Tirana, domestic service schedule on SW
*All the details on Marconi R. International, Italy; 
 c/o via Umbria 1, IT-74100 Taranto (Ta); or
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 980; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax if 
 really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser - Check our website
*Please do NOT send us any audio files or attachments; there is usually
 a way to forward something in main message instead, copy-and-paste
*Standard disclaimer
*Belgium's new 0400 to WNAm this summer will be first program of day
*Frans Vossen will be Saturday night banquet speaker Mar 13 at Fest
*BBC Waveguide in March the week of 20th; African Performance also
 starting new season then
*Third instance of Sa'udi Arabia in English on SW, by mistake?
*Israel A-99 English from April 2; one hour later March 29-April 1;
 has cool new website
*Iraqi jamming station destroyed allowing anti-Saddam radios to be
 heard and BBC, RMC
*WWCR's Persian program is from CHAIR which means Committee for 
 Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees: see website  Opposed to Islamic Republic, so clandestine
*Spectrum was off because "stuff continued to happen", now back but
 wants old slot which our DX Block now occupies
*WGTG no longer using 90 mb; heard with a Spanish show
*WGTG now hosting Canadian Nazi Ernst Zundel, "responsible free
*VOA Greenville receiving site turned over to East Carolina University;
 speculation it once received messages from spies
*X-bander in Georgia changes format and call
*March previews for Extension 720 on WGN
*Oklahoma TV station audio heard on 11 mb [26450, not 26470]
*Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 1999 --- HR 783
*Detroit Symphony Orchestra heard in AM stereo
*Sony ICF SW07 now up on
*Deep condolences to Marie Lamb and Bob Padula whose mothers have died
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Feb 23
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 9; flux peak 175
*Glenn Hauser here, concluding WOR 980                            ###