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        WORLD OF RADIO #979, produced March 3, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media, 99-02 soon appearing on RFPI
 and http://www.DXing.com  For topic summary see our website (below)
*New WOR time found on new WWCR schedule: Tuesday 2130 on 15685
*Spectrum finally did come back March 1 on WWCR
*New program times on WWCR: Ask WWCR, Presidential Radio Address,
 Rock the Universe, VOA Communications World, Spiritual Awakening
*Radio International, Persian on WWCR at new weekday time
*New Radio Theatres recorded for airing on VOA, NPR
*Different Kind of Oldies show previews for March 6, 13, 20
*March 13 DKOS will be live from SWL Winterfest
*WLO Mobile taking over High Seas Operator business from ATT's KMI,
*Another HAARP ionospheric heating test from Alaska, March 26-27
 See http://www.haarp.alaska.edu
*Strike at CBC drags on; dire consequences predicted
*Correct date for CHUC 1450 DX test is Saturday March 6
*Three MW DX tests for March 15 from KJJK MN, KNEU UT, WHMA AL
*Dick Robinson of EEB sentenced for fraud in DEA battery case
*WOWO Fort Wayne audio going on web; http://www.wowo.com
*Stress Free Radio, KKSTN new on the web with New Age talk, music
*Correct RFPI URL for audio on the web needs www:
*New quarter at RFPI: Deep Ecology for the XXI Century; Global
 Community Forum/Far Right Radio Review; Rebel Radio; University
 of the Air: Sustainability; Voices of Our World
*New unID Peruvian on 5 MHz band
*R. Panorama, Peru, location disputed by Rafael Rodriguez
*Brazilian ham plans broadcasts from South Georgia March 6-7
 See http://www.e-net.com.br/dxcp
*WOR 979; wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
 fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Keep trying for LRA36 Antarctica; we had cross mod from R. Marti,
 and numbers station was nearby
*Angola running all night on 11 MHz
*More on new Madagascar station, sounds like R. Makanika
*R. Hargeisa, Somalia back on 7 MHz
*R. Bukavu, Congo, heard on 6.7 MHz band
*Western Sahara Polisario station says it is on 9 MHz band
*New Italian pirate on 11 MHz
*Belgium's summer frequencies in English, and via Bonaire
*RTE via WWCR dropped repeat on 5 MHz; Singapore works better; also
 via Ascension
*BBC comedian, Just a Minute panelist Derek Nimmo, 68, dies
*BBC WS previews: Assignment on Dalai Lama; Performance
*Iraqi SW frequencies as monitored
*Israeli pirates legalized, but ruling immediately appealed
*R. Riyadh, Sa'udi Arabia in English on SW, probably by mistake
*Sa'udi semi-harmonic on 60 meters
*North Korea's Radio for Soldiers at the Frontline reactivated
*R. Kiribati remains off for another sesquimonth
*Chicoms helping out Cubacoms with transmitter modernization, jamming?
*Grundig believed to be bringing out Satellit 900 this year
*Propagation remarks from Jim Moats
*That's WOR 979; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you'll join me again next 
 week                                                             ###