WORLD OF RADIO #977, produced Feb 17, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI Costa Rica maintains our schedule for next quarter through
 May: Fri 1930, Sat 0330, 1130, 1800, Sun 0200, 1000, 2300, Mon
 0700, 1500 sometimes, Tue 1900, Wed 0300 on some of: 21460-USB,
 15049, 6975, 101.3 FM
*Continent of Media on SW only via RFPI: Fri 1900, Sat 0300, 1100,
 1730, Sun 0130, 0930, Tue 2000, Wed 1200; sometimes also Sun 2230,
 Mon 0630, Wed 0400
*Our monthly Spanish DX report on RN last two weekends in Feb, Fri
 and Sun; and from Feb 19 on WWCR Fri 2215 on 9475; eventually may
 also be on RFPI
*BBC Monitoring analysis of Eritrea/Ethiopia border war on SW and
 internet (c) See: - -
*Somalia 11 MHz heard in Florida
*Star Radio, Liberia, still off SW
*Voice of the Mediterranean, Malta, trial audio tests on internet: and later back to usual
*Switzerland starts new morning show with Bob Zanotti; later on SW
*BBC's new WS three-year plan in detail; more multi-media; two 
 streams of English, News and Plus; less SW in developed areas, more
 FM, internet; German axed
*Preview of all-news BBC WS:
*BBC WS will be spending more on Arabic
*John Tusa, ex-BBC WS head, criticizes new policy in The Observer
*The Junction Box, international chat show on BBC WS from Mar 1
*Standard disclaimer
*America's non-corporate, non-commercial, non-communist, 
 non-religious, non-govermental DX program, World of Radio 974, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; fax if really 
 necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Check our website
*Belarus already starts jamming R. Baltic Waves frequency before it
 starts; other interference in the 48m area from Russia, Kazakhstan
*R. Australia had problems with spurs and times on air
*R. New Zealand stayed on past 1015 with cyclone warnings; may 
 operate all-night
*Argentine USB channel is an army station relaying broadcasters
*Peruvian reported on two frequencies at once
*Far out-of-band Peruvian identified
*Mexico's university station testing again on SW
*Crippling strike at CBC in Barbados
*Barbados featured on WWCR travel show
*Spectrum reported returning to WWCR at new time, but a no-show
*US DOS inspector general study blasts Radio Marti
*Among those FCC cited for illegal broadcasting is Chris Lobdell
*Rep. Tauzin promotes electronic privacy act but opposes FCC 
 microbroadcasting plan
*Alan Maitland, "Fireside Al" died Feb 11, ex-host of As It Happens
*Also a strike just started at CBC in Canada by technicians
*Offer to send frequency schedules on request for Australia, BBC WS,
 China, France, Italy, Turkey: George Poppin, 2654 Seventeenth Ave,
 94116-3003 or by E-mail
*Ozone depletion leads to daytime absorption up to 15 MHz in southern
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 16; flux peak 190 in March
*Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to join me again next week; this
 was World of Radio 977                                         ###