WORLD OF RADIO #976, produced Feb 10, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Our Thursday 2130 on WWCR 9475 replaced by something else; it is 
 missed in Europe, Australia and North America; no word on any
 replacement time
*So backup plan goes ahead: first broadcast on WBCQ, Wednesday 2200
 on 7415
*Still well heard in Europe at inconvenient time of Tue 1330 on 15685
*Check out website for latest news on our scheduling:
*Mistake on last broadcast: website not given for Just The News:
*BBC WS says it has added new language service staff positions
*The Next Big Thing Grand Final Feb 13-16
*Waveguide on BBC WS appears the week of Feb 20
*Just a Minute to become TV programme
*Croatian Radio Zagreb domestic and external schedules, with English
*Voice of Greece slow to install donated VOA transmitters
*R. Bulgaria denies report that Spanish is ceasing end of January;
 but the report said end of March
*Voice of America gets licensed for relays in Russia
*Monitoring Radio Jordan following death of King Hussein; Arabic
 instead of English
*King's ham radio hobby not publicized much in mainstream media;
 all members of Jordanian royal family have ham privileges, calls
*ITU grants Palestine ham radio prefix E4
*Operation from Gaza planned this month by Jordanian ham
 more info at
*Bahrain Gulf News Agency (WAKH) SW radioteletype schedule
*Via Maine, Costa Rica, Tennessee, Connecticut, Iowa, Oregon, 
 Georgia and International Vacuum,
*WOR 976, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
 fax if really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Full info at
*Pakistan and Kazakhstan clash on out-of-band frequency
*Another new frequency for Kazakhstan
*China to Europe clashes with Thailand
*R. Ethiopia adds more broadcasts for war including English;
 external and national frequencies
*Zimbabwe indecisive on continuing 5 MHz frequency
*Mauritania heard very late in the morning on variable frequency
*Montevideo station back on for carnival into the night
*SODRE media program ends after a decade
*Con Frecuencia DX program also ending
*More on Montevideo: already heard in Germany
*Location of Peruvian R. Panorama pinpointed (?)
*R. Sorochuco, Peru (note correct spelling) with great signal
*New Peruvian, R. Manantial
*RN Bonaire takes audio delay offline
*R. 88 Estereo active again from Costa Rica
*Biblical significance of Ebenezer as used by Honduran station
*Still no schedule known for Chiapas clandestine via RFPI
*Manolo de la Rosa explains he is in detention
*CBC President Perrin Beatty doesn't get a second term
*H.R. 514, Wireless Privacy Enhancement Act of 1999
*WNED Buffalo postpones dropping all-news format
*BBC confirms it will drop German and make other cuts, less SW,
 more internet
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa Feb 3
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 9 - flux peak 160
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 976          ###