WORLD OF RADIO #975, produced Feb 3, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR audio now linked at http://Listen.To/TheNews [I should have 
 said, not the E-mail address]
*WWCR replaces our first broadcast with something else Thu at 2130,
 so WWCR's first WOR broadcast becomes UT Sun 0330
*From next week we'll do a phone feed instead to WBCQ 7415, Wednesday 
 at 2200 immediately after program is produced instead of one week 
*Still available Friday at 2000 RFPI, a few hours earlier on WRN
*Topics of Different Kind of Oldies Show Feb 6 and 13
*VOA Communications World has a special Feb 20 on difficulty of
 the blind in accessing international broadcasts; input to
*WJFP 26 MHz QSL gives technical details, mailing address, v/s
*Popular nominee to R. Marti board replacing Jorge Mas Canosa is  
 Jose "Pepe" Collado
*Finally confirmed that one of three AFRTS USB frequencies is from
 Puerto Rico, not Key West; technical details from Wayne Eternicka
*Wired has story on RFPI carrying Zapatista Chiapas programs
*RFPI Fun-Raiser [through Feb 7]; premiums offered including old RFPI
 transmitter tubes; 1-800-291-2823; 1998 budget less than salary of
 one high level VOA bureaucrat
*Plans for another SW station in Costa Rica, RFPI assisting
*Last week's Peruvian on 5907 is from Lucmapampa, info about place
*Zimbabwe reactivated on 5 MHz frequency
*Somalian last week is from different city; more Somali SW info
 from Mahendra Vaghjee in drought-stricken Mauritius
*Ethiopian station starts new Eritrean clandestine program
*Via satellite, cable, internet, FM, AM, and shortwave, W O R 975; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; fax if really
 necessary: 1-580-233-2948; check our website for latest info on all
 our broadcasts and publications:
*Last week's Turkish station on 5 MHz band is a 6th harmonic of TRT
*R. Kuwait resumes own English programs instead of FM relay
*AIR, occupied Sikkim, heard with English news
*Vietnam still run by commies who quickly started jamming RFA Tinian
*R. Australia tests a 13mb frequency Feb 14 only
*University of Hawaii press published new book, "Radio Happy Isles--
 Media and Politics at Play in the Pacific" by Robert Seward; ISBN
 numbers, prices; info from 1-800-956-2840 or check website
*Not only Morse code being stopped, but many coastal SW stations
 closing down, including Australians
*Special ham operations from Greenland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Denmark 
*USA High Seas Operators closing SW at end of February
*BBC WS program previews: Clouded Hills; The Music Studio; Warm World;
 This Woman Thing
*Deutsche Welle closing studio in Berlin; languages threatened
*A plot to terrorist attack RFE/RL HQ in Prague by Iraqi consul
*IRRS in Italy protests interference from Korea via Merlin, a threat
 to its very survival
*No time now for MW DX tests
*Buffalo's public WNED is dropping all-news format
*Jesse Ventura proposes eliminating state aid to Minnesota public
 radio and TV
*FCC about to approve low-power microcasting on FM; mixed feelings
*Rumor that Kenwood is negotiating to get out of ham radio and
 receiver business
*Propagation outlook from ARRL
*With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser concluding WOR 975   ###