WORLD OF RADIO #972, produced Jan 13, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New Spanish DX report starts Jan 15 on Radio Nederland's Radio 
 Enlace [and Jan 22 on WWCR]
*New Continent of Media is up at and should
 start Jan 15 on RFPI, Fri 1930, Sat 0330, 1130 [those are WOR 
 times; I should have said for COM: 1900, 0300, 1100], 1730, Sun 
 0130, 0930, and new regular time Tue 2000
*Correxions to last week: New Horizons is old VOA program; VOA
 Communications World on WBCQ is on Sundays
*New time for WOR on WWCR: UT Sun 0330 on 5070, replacing Sat 2330
 which continues through Jan 16 only; along with CW
*WWCR has programs to Iran in Persian, Kurdish, confirmed Jan 9 
 (recording) -- agenda and source of these not clear; clandestine?
 Sounds like Radio Posesh; Goonetilleke heard it ID "Radio 
*V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, not heard on 7 MHz, but announced
 foreign languages back on SW
*Israel [I said "English"] resumes prime-time English to NAm,
 on new test frequency (recording)
*R. Sochi heard on SW via Abkhazia which also relays R. Russia
*Bhutan shifts frequency to avoid India
*Chinese harmonic [correxion: they should have given it as 18105,
 not 19105 since it is 3 x 6035]
*We confirm China still relayed via Sackville, omitted by BBCM
*R. Singapore International, some selected English programs
*Indonesian DX catch: RDK Serang
*Another PNG regional off the air due to spare parts; NBC 
 employees late getting paid
*Bougainville mini-power clandestines make it to Australia
*Tinian tests widely heard in Europe and Asia
*Via AM, FM, shortwave, satellite, internet, WOR 972, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; fax
 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; see our banner at
*Tonga uses coconut trees, not bananas for antenna masts
*Raft expedition across Pacific has ham radio onboard; see
*Honduran has new name, Evenecer 1220
*New frequency schedule of Radio for Peace International;
 Spanish came back only briefly; 2000 UT M-F program lineup
*Rare Ecuadorian, and new Peruvians or new names heard
*Voz Cristiana, Chile spurs not heard since
*120-mb Brazilian reactivated; fax number
*R. Ozone, Ireland pirate, tests to North America Jan 16-17
*BBC programme changes: From the Weeklies will be missed; not
 impressed by Wright Round the World; Women Who Dared to Speak
*BBC religious producer runs around restaurant naked
*New novel set at BBC on sex and backstabbing, "Fortysomething"
 by Nigel Williams: "there seems to be sex everywhere"
*Derek Nimmo's condition improves
*R. France Internationale snubs English-language listeners,
 while other languages to Americas remain, and why
*R. Moldova International in danger of being closed; asks for
 letters of support to President of Moldova; or to Ministry of
 External Affairs, 31st of August St., No. 80, Chisinau, Republic
 of Moldova
*R. Ukraine Int'l admits its high-power transmitter off
*Angola's UNITA station, VORGAN has come back for civil war
*Pirate has been using 1710 kHz 
*Special MW DX tests Jan 23-25 from Alaska, Pennsylvania, Missouri,
*Several pages of detailed correxions to WRTH 99 at
*Icom about to release new ICR-75 receiver, at least in Europe
*1999 Winter SWL Fest in Pennsylvania March 11-13; details at
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued Jan 12; flux peak 150
*Frequency coordination meeting for summer will involve lots of
 new bands and channels
*That's WOR 972; Glenn Hauser always inviting your input and
 make a point of listening to WOR every week                ###