WORLD OF RADIO #971, produced Jan 5, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Our 1998--Shortwave Year in Review is on new Continent of Media
 soon on RFPI and on  See COM topics at and text
 of our SWYIR is also on our site
*How is VOA interference during our Wed 2200 broadcast on WBCQ on
 7415 where you are? Report to
*Regret to inform you that we are pulling WOR off WGTG due to
 unreliability, but thanks for airtime in the past
*VOA Communications World now on WBCQ too, and new time on WWCR
 [correction to WBCQ item: I said Saturday, meant Sunday at 2100]
*Worldwide Punjabi Radio gone from WWCR
*WWCR adds British government shows, from London Radio Service
 [New Horizons is an old VOA program title, not BBC]
*Also on WWCR, Dixie Rising promoting revival of Confederacy
*B.S. gone from WBCQ and WRMI
*WMLK reactivated with low power
*Second American station on the 90m tropical band: WGTG
*R. France International has actually cancelled English to North
 America; other options
*BBC major programming changes January 9; for weekly schedules see 
*New times on AE stream for: From Our Own Correspondent; Letter 
 from America; On Screen; Composer of the Month; The Greenfield
 Collexion; Frank Muir Remembered; Inspiration; Omnibus; On Your
 Behalf; Pick of the World; Write On; World of Music; Play of the
 Week: Glass Menagerie; Science block
*BBC Monitoring has an opening; request application by phone from
 (0118) 9469356
*Derek Nimmo, BBC comedy panelist, seriously injured in fall
*BBC adds new 13m Arabic frequency
*Deutsche Welle adds new 13m English frequency
*Radio Prague adds Czech and Spanish to WRMI relays despite jamming
*Switzerland changes Singapore relay frequency
*Ukraine missing again; didn't pay power bills?
*Mayak still heard on a few shortwave frequencies; to heat the
*The media magazine you monitor with you mind, WOR 971; Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA;
*Tunisia's off-frequencies include 16m band
*R. Kudirat Nigeria went off at yearend, they claim for
 maintenance, but maybe forever (recording)
*V. of the People, Mogadishu, purging staff as it's inaudible
*Israel resumes prime-time English to North America
*Iraq came back on some new SW frequencies
*Maybe why Democratic Voice of Iran closed down
*Replaced by R. Tomorrow's Iran, heard testing again
*Qatar audible daily on 41m
*More inband frequencies from Voice of Vietnam
*Guanxi, Chinese regional heard in Vietnamese
*R. Blue Sky, Khekh Tangar, Mongolia schedule
*US government's Tinian Island transmitters test schedule
*Around-the-world balloon flight SW frequencies
*R. New Zealand's Mailbox including DX news audio now available 
*Tonga storm blows away banana trees and radio antenna; off SW?
*Status of SW in Brazil, number of active stations and available
*Colombia's English program heard
*R. Miskut, Nicaragua, about to install stronger transmitter
*Mystery sounds on 27145
*Afropop Worldwide around Jan 23 has "DXing Africa and Americas"
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 29; flux peak 180
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding WOR 971; check 
 and tune in again next week                   ###