WORLD OF RADIO #970, produced Dec 21, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Consult our website:
 and note link near the top to a backup homepage for later updates
*What's become of our Sunday 0730 and 1030 on WWCR?
*WOR on WGTG Dec 21 was UT Sun 0031 and 1810
*Baghdad bombing Dec 16 was too late for last week's WOR
*BBCM summary of Iraqi broadcasting since the bombing began; one
 SW frequency came back, then MW, RTTY, not satellite TV; claims
 that Baghdad radio uses mobile locations; and that armed
 civilians tried to seize RTV building; no jamming heard; BBC and
 R. Free Iraq increased airtime
*R. Free Iraq's expanded frequency schedule
*New Baghdad SW frequency found
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan schedule
*R. Damascus English schedule
*R. V. of Shariah, Afghanistan's Ramadan schedule
*R. Tomorrow's Iran, new clandestine
*Kazakh Radio heard in Missouri
*All India Radio at roof-raising levels in Missouri
*V. of the Tigers expands SW, speculation on site, applications
*RKI's year-end specials
*NHK Warudo's New Year special
*AWR Wavescan schedule via Guam, four weeks late
*Bougainville's flea-power factional SW stations
*R. Kiribati alternate frequency, new transmitter
*No-nonsense DX program, WOR 970, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA
 (where we're experiencing a blizzard) or to
*Who administers U.S. amateur callsign blocks in Antarctica
*Voz Cristiana, Chile, has nasty plus/minus 27 kHz spurs
*Out-of-band Peruvian announces new in-band frequency
*Website to help obtain Venezuelan QSLs;
 or E-mail
*Help us trace source of noise on 31m (recording)
*WEWN causes numerous false signals due to overload; and heard
 on an addition frequency in 25 MHz band
*WWBS, Macon, GA, heard this weekend (recording), E- and P-mail 
*WWCR-1's new transition frequency in the morning
*WQEW format moving to a new frequency in New Jersey
*Artie Bigley discovered identity of 1650 Virginia station
*Wyoming's new X-band station has inferior antenna, coverage
*Special MW DX tests for Jan 1, 4: KSTN, WGAI, WJVA, KXTA
*Yearend public radio comedy special: Backfire '98 with Buck
 Henry, Jane Curtin
*BBC changes in January: weekday science block, but at
 inconvenient times; Outlook expands but moves earlier;
 Agenda; My Century
*Some Xmas specials from Merlin Network One
*Lithuania about to get a new SW transmitter of its own
*Why R. Nadezhda, Russian women's station, actually closed
*R. Hargeisa, Somalia, frequency change
*Deaf man sues Radio Shack and urges boycott
*Check the final VOA Communications World for 1998 for our
 Shortwave Year in Review
*Propagation outlooks from ARRL, RSGB
*Wishing you festivities and a better '99, Glenn Hauser
 concluding WOR 970                                 ###