WORLD OF RADIO #969, produced Dec 16, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*World Radio Network audio archives of WOR moved to:
*Continent of Media via
 now works only with Real G2 player
*RFPI received new COM by Dec 15, aired at special time; check
 weekdays at 2000 for surprises on 21460-USB
*RFPI Spanish mornings to resume last week of December, including
 our Mundo Radial, Wed and Sun 1530
*WGTG, check for us UT Sun 0030 on 5085-USB, 1800 on 9400-USB only
*WGTG-2 started programming by Dec 11 on 6890-USB only; sold out
 to American Freedom Network, so no time for WOR or anything else
*Fundamental Broadcasting Network, ex-WGTG, does plan own SW 
 station on 31mb in North Carolina; no CP yet
*WWCR plans another frequency in mornings between 3 and 15 MHz
*Spiritual Awakening times on WWCR, WBCQ, RFPI
*Different Kind of Oldies Show Dec 19 subject; needs listener
 response to get funding past January: P O Box 396, NY NY 10002,
 box to be closed at yearend; or
*WWBS with programming tests on weekends only, different frequency
*British fascists negotiating for airtime on US SW station; say
 No to the Nazis by writing to your British MP, or American
 Embassy in London
*R. Free Asia adds Uighur language
*R. Democracy for Africa ready to start in January
*United Nations Radio weekday broadcasts delayed until Jan/Feb
*WRN via NPR now has page on showing two more
*Identity of new X-band station testing on 1650 with music only
*Special MW DX test Dec 28, from KNDK, North Dakota
*RCI frequency changes for 2100-2230 broadcasts in English
*Antarctica's Argentine station off the air awaiting new transmitter
*TIAWR now scheduled in nothing but Spanish, so no Wavescan at all
*Updating Continent of Media: Broadcasting Corporation of Belize 
*What is source of high-speed noise pulses on 9615 and others 
 around 1200/1300?
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 969; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
 fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; see our
*Ramadan begins around Dec 19, expanding Islamic schedules 
*R. Cairo English on different frequency, horrible modulation
*A bit of English from Sa'udi; an hour of English from Algeria
*R. Tanzania Zanzibar on (almost) clear frequency
*Norwegian SW transmitter sold to Gabon for spare parts; plans
 for museum
*R. Botswana back on 90m, heard on four frequencies at once
*R. New Zealand International to stay on late New Year's Eve
*Democratic Voice of Burma testing again via KHBN Palau
*V. of Malaysia program heard on V. of Indonesia
*V. of Indonesia program heard on R. Singapore International
*Sri Lanka denies military censorship lifted, vis-a-vis Tigers
*LTTE's V. of the Tigers back with trial SW broadcast
*R. Nadezhda, Russian all-women's station, has gone bust
*New frequency for English news from Croatia
*Switzerland talks about cutting or reducing English on SW
*Terry Burgoyne retired from REE and its DX program
*RTBF, Belgian French SW tests via Germany
*R. Netherlands announcer/producer Pete Myers died Dec 15
*RN's European service heard well here
*PCH Farewell Day crossband ham contacts illegal unless
 specifically authorized
*Free Radio Service Holland Xmas show Dec 20
*Merlin Network One plans Xmas specials including R. Luxembourg
*BBC Previews: Off the Shelf with Tom Bodett; Pick of the World;
 Small Worlds; Watershed; Anything Goes--about to be canceled
*Jolly Good Show and Anything Goes being merged into 55-minute
 program with new DJ, Wright Around the World from Jan 9
*Handy Broadcasts in English booklet for winter season for 1.20
 UK pounds; 3 IRCs/USD 3 in Europe; 4 IRCs/US$4 rest of world to
 British DX Club, 126 Bargery Road, Catford, London SE6 2LR, UK
*WBCQ now believed to be up to full power
*Low solar angle allows night-like MW reception at local noon here
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Dec 2
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 15
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding WOR 969                       ###