WORLD OF RADIO #968, produced Dec 9, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*9475 making it well to Europe, Thursday at 2130 for our first
 broadcast on WWCR
*Both our airtimes were missing last week on WGTG; second 
 transmitter approved for programming; yagis and rhombics and
 their bearings
*RFPI reduced 15049 to 6 hours a day, so for WOR, only on 21460-
 USB before 2100, only 6975 after 0300
*WOR confirmed on WNQM 1300 Nashville, 3 and 5 am CST Saturday
*WOR Extra 27 now produced, probably appearing late in Dec; topics
 will be at
*Continent of Media, Dec edition now available on RFPI, Fri 1900
 and Sat 1730 plus 8 and 16 hours later; and available now at Topics at
*Mystery Theater axed by syndicator, but may try for third life;
 WMAQ replaced it with other old-time-radio
*This year's Paul Winter Consort Solstice Special is Fri Dec 11
 at 8 pm EST on NPR, but not around here
*Holiday specials on public radio include comedy: Imagination 
 Workshop; Politics Takes a Holiday with Capitol Steps
*Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on public radio and BBC
*Four MW DX tests Monday morning Dec 14; look elsewhere
*KQTY 1490 Borger TX running CW IDs every hour after midnight
 thru New Year's Eve
*Dec 26 WAAT, Dec 28 KHMO MW DX tests
*Why RCI can be heard on 6550
*RCI's First Edition has some frequency changes
*Let's Talk Radio returning, on WBCQ, and internet live stream
*WBCQ announces schedule cutbacks for non-paid programming
*Former RFPI frequency taken over by WHRA for far-right programs
*WRNO auction a bust, but still for sale; website back up; P O
 Box closed
*UN Radio supposedly ceased operations, but still on RFPI
*BBC WS previews: Composer of the Month; Brain of Britain finals;
 Greatest City on Earth; FONLAC; Waveguide; Queen's Xmas Message
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 968, the DX program which is non-commercial, non-corporate,
 non-government, non-communist, non-religious, non-scripted, non-
 jazz and non-apolitical
*[Tip for Rational Living] Major corporations contributing to 
 the Republican Party which may be boycotted to protest
 persecution of our President
*Merlin Network One Xmas special from R. Napa, Cyprus
*Shortwave Relay Service plans Xmas-NY marathon
*DW's holiday special dates in German
*R. Solingen-Remscheid with New Year special on SW
*Dutch coastal station PCH closing at yearend, and 94th anniversary
 farewell day Dec 19-20 with crossband ham contacts
*Look for SWBC harmonics in the 22-31+ MHz range, such as Ukraine
 on 22 MHz band
*R. Tatarstan, Kazan, schedule
*Mayak dropping all SW at yearend; list of current frequencies
 [sorry about some bad edits in remainder of program]
*Updating last week on Greece: frequency change, English time
*Iran's revised English schedule with targets
*Mahendra Vaghjee posted Afghanistan, Eritrea sound with others at
*R. Pakistan news audio now at
*All India Radio's Panaji, Goa site schedule changed to evening
*China resumes Urumchi site to Europe
*Australia via Taiwan frequency correxion
*Bangkok Meteorological Radio, Thailand, heard on two frequencies 
 in New England
*VOA Philippines heard on 19 MHz band; is it a harmonic?
*Three Eritrean clandestines' schedules
*V. of Freedom and Renewal, etc., Sudan clandestine
*R. Minurca heard again after absence
*Algerian out-of-bander vanishes
*unID Peruvian on 5949.32
*New Peruvian frequencies for R. Nueva Cajamarca; R. Impacto;
 R. Estudio 3000/2000
*Australian expedition to South Pole with SW frequencies
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 8; flux peak 148
*WOR 968; or Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA ###