WORLD OF RADIO #967, produced Dec 2, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Three weeks since the last new WOR; trying to catch up
*RFPI moves WOR and COM half an hour earlier on Friday/UT Sat:
 COM Fri 1900, Sat 0300, 1100; WOR Fri 1930, Sat 0330, 1130;
 repeats now all 8 hours apart; so UT Sun 0200, 1000; and no
 Spanish, so another repeat Mon 1500
*WBCQ invites WOR onto 7415: Wed 2200; and repeated Mon 2200 at
 least the first week
*WGTG did not air WOR Sun 0030, but at 1800 on 9400-USB
*WWCR Sat Nov 29 1300 no WOR, but still scheduled then [canceled]
*KNOR and KOKC in OK apparently dropped WOR 
*see for latest sked
*RNZI simplifies schedule to only three frequencies
*R. Australia relayed two half hours a week via Taiwan to China
*RRI Aceh, Indonesia burned down by protesters
*IBC, Tamil Radio from London, adds CIS frequency, English news;
 dull programming; LTTE adds Sinhalese news; SLBC resumes Tamil 
 on SW
*Maldives still jamming FEBA as anti-Islamic
*Ramadan starts around Dec 20 this year, overlapping Xmas
*R. Voice of Shari'ah, Afghanistan, changes schedule, varies
*Saudi Arabia broadcast English on SW by accident; clashes with
 its own Holy Qur'an program
*Jordan's English service off the air for weeks at a time
*V. of Armenia "very nice signal" into North America now
*Moldova's horrible signal due to faulty power supply regulation
*Greece morning English retimed
*UN Radio via Germany supposed to start in Dec, on the 11th?
*Strike in France against broadcasters
*Switzerland on wrong transmitter site
*WOR 967, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
 fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Sunrise Radio chief and radio authority officer arrested for
 corruption, trip to Rajasthan
*BBC WS previews: Movie Call; Tying the Knot; Planet 2000; The
 [Chamber] Music Party
*BBC WS new schedule in January bodes ill; correxion to BBC On Air
*Anything Goes cancelled in January
*Petition to "Save the BBC WS"; contact Stokes Schwartz,
*Ukraine finally on winter frequencies to NAm in English
*Norwegian SW transmitter sold to Gabon
*R. Minurca, Central African Republic, widely reported; added
 two more frequencies; P- and E-mail addresses: P O Box 2732,
 Bangui; or or ST Broadcast 
 Service, P O Box 202, DK-7400 Herning, Denmark; transmitter
 and antenna info
*Windows for Congo Brazzaville during WYFR; Chad during Bonaire
*Algeria on far out-of-band frequency
*Libya plans four more African languages; times for English
*R. Hargeisa, R. Holy Qur'an Somali stations logged
*Venezuelan presidential elections Dec 6
*Nova Scotia MW station off frequency, DX target
*Different Kind of Oldies Show shifts time; Dec 5 and 12 themes
*US station takes over ex-RFPI frequency
*AFRTS still active on USB from Key West
*WWCR starting broadcasts to Iran in Farsi, Kurdish
*Wyoming station starts on expanded band
*21 MHz opening before sunrise
*6 and 7 MHz opening by noon
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Nov 11
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 1; flux peaks 165, 170
*That's WOR 967; I'm Glenn Hauser, hoping you'll join me again
 next week                                                ###