WORLD OF RADIO #964, produced Nov 4, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Unexpected new time for us on WWCR, Sat 1300 on 5070; already on
 our website by Friday
*VOA Communications World did not appear Sat 1245 on 15685
*Thanks to R. EuroGeek for electronic QSL; will be on several
 times before next October and replacing R. St. Helena Day
*RadioMemphis has started via WRN; maybe shortwave later
*C-SPAN giving up own international relays, just WRN and BBC
*UN Radio's new relays via Germany, VOA and BBC awaiting Assembly
*V. of Turkey heard with UN program in English already
*Padula resuming Electronic DX Press
*Budapest now listed on 11 meter band, maybe wish-list for now
*Prague continues Saturday concert, crystal-clear on 13m; times
 it is used
*Ukraine heard on 13m in morning English
*R. Latvia Int'l heard in English
*R. Baltic Waves, surrogate for Belarus from Lithuania, already
 testing on 48m
*R. Sweden clashes with French broadcast
*Strange that RVI is not including news on Bonaire relay
*RTBF, Belgium, plans resuming SW to Africa in January
*Merlin Network One stops QSLing Nov 27 except for special events;
 20, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3ES
*BBC Remembrance Day live special from Cenotaph, Sunday Nov 8 1030
*Surrogate services by US for Iraq, Iran, started Oct 30; times, 
 frequencies and sites for R. Free Iraq, RFE/RL Farsi service; 
 early monitoring reports; Iraq and Iran complain to Czechs
*You're listening to America's non-scripted, non-governmental,
 non-religious, non-corporate and non-commercial DX program,
 WOR 964, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
 see our website
*Standard disclaimer
*New frequency for Iran in English
*Afghanistan off-frequency on 60 meters including English
*Tashkent's winter frequencies in English
*Bangladesh English service heard in Ontario
*Vietnam abandons out-of-band frequency, jams KWHR/RFA
*DZMM maritime relay in Philippines heard on 17 MHz band
*RNZI still using 25m instead of 16m late at night
*Libya in English and French at another time
*Star Radio, Liberia, allowed to resume internet news
*R. Veritas, Liberia, still on weird out-of-band frequency
*RFPI was incomunicado when lightning burnt out modems, unable
 to get E-mail, Pacifica News or WOR, but now back
*RFPI resumes Spanish in mornings
*TIAWR Wavescan RKI special time UT Nov 9
*Report confirms R. Marti a "mecca of shoddy reporting"
*CNN discussing merging news operation with CBS-TV, others
*More special MW DX tests, Nov 9 KLCK, Nov 16 KLOE
*RCI finally has new versions of jingles, replacing tiresome
 old ones
*Radio Shack closing out DX-390 at new low price; DX-398 also
 on sale
*National Geographic selling multi-band/SW radio with crank,
 rechargeable batteries; 1-888-225-5647
*New 1999 Passport to World Band Radio struck out five times
 in a row with wrong info or omissions
*New newsgroup: alt.dx.tropical
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 2 - flux peak 120
*CIA has new website for kids:
*That's WOR 964; Glenn Hauser at always
 inviting your input, and tune in again next week             ###