WORLD OF RADIO #963, produced Oct 27, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Don't Vote Republican: you'll be sorry if they gain increased
 control of Congress; and don't blame other Democrats for the
 President's pecadillos
*WOR 962 problems last week: not on OK stations, but new time now:
 Sun 7:30 am CST on 1400, 1490; WGTG didn't get our tape, new time
 UT Sunday 0030 on 5085 USB and/or 6890 USB; WRN had to use phone
 feed; RFPI couldn't get our show at all; all airings OK on WWCR;
 see for latest info
*R. St. Helena Day barely received in NZ, BC, Germany, but better
 in eastern North America; also R. EuroGeek before it
*Star Radio, Liberia had to close website news, and turn off SW
*More times for English from Libya
*R. Rainbow's new schedule
*Syria's new frequency for English
*Afghanistan's new frequency not heard, heard
*Sri Lanka transmitter varying and spurring
*V. of Mongolia's new English schedule, and heard
*V. of Vietnam's best time for us
*New Peruvian, and new name for another Peruvian
*Cubans quit jamming R. Marti for hurricane coverage
*Cubans keep jamming R. Miami during Prague relay, a farce 
 (recording); free advice to WRMI: get a new frequency
*Prague's new morning broadcast in English direct
*Special QSL for jammed Frank Zappa Show
*Jammer of ANARC SWL Net caught by FCC and confesses
*Wake up, frequency managers: WBCQ clashing with VOA; silver 
*WWCR new schedule shows another time for VOA Comms World;
 Presidential Radio Addresses
*WWCR has interference from X-band third harmonic in Denver
*Washington DC station adds WRN via NPR overnight
*Art Bell decides to return to the air
*Alien Voices, classic SF radio productions on NPR for Halloween, 
 SciFi Channel and on tape with De Lancie and Nimoy,
*World of Radio 963, P O Box 1684, Enid OK
 73702; fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Special MW DX tests Nov 9 from KHTK and 16 from WODI
*Sat-Sun Nov 21-22, Midwest DX Get-together at Lenexa, Kansas;
 RSVP by Nov 18 to Rick Dau, Iowa City,
*Radio Asia Canada may be gone, but Toronto still has a Canadian
 Tamil Broadcasting Corp. at
*Anguilla back on the air, and now clashing with Canada
*Iceland frequencies monitored
*New BBC relay via Delano clashes with R. Educacion, Mexico
*BBC previews: Seeing Stars, see and also BBC
 program skeds by time there; Meridian Feature; Poems by Post
*Merlin Network One new schedule clashes with Chile, Gabon, and
 25 mb Sackville relay is this, not BBC; Media Zoo repeat heard
*RN's relay frequencies for morning broadcasts heard here
*RFI still using Guiana for English but on new frequency
*Spain sked shows new English broadcast, but really in Spanish
*R. Yugoslavia made usual winter time and frequency changes;
 Pacific broadcast is too late at night
*R. Budapest's new English schedule
*The SW pirate radio scene in Russia
*Ukraine's new English schedule
*Sweden has special Nov 1 on anniversary of Swedish broadcasts;
 actual frequencies for morning to North America
*QRP ham DXpedition from Hungary to Liechtenstein
*National Radio Club AM Log, new edition, hard copy only: to non-
 members of NRC/IRCA, $22.95 in NAm, more elsewhere from NRC
 Publications, P O Box 164, Mannsville, NY 13661; NY residents
 add sales tax
*9th International Ionospheric Effects Symposium next May in
 Virginia; see
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa
*Propagation outlook from Czechia
*That's W.O.R. 963; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you'll join me
 again next week                                          ###