WORLD OF RADIO #962, produced Oct 21, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*The new Oct-Nov Continent of Media now available on the web at
*Second repeats of COM and WOR have been running half an hour
 later than expected on RFPI, early Saturday and Sunday
*World Radio Network times for WOR from Oct 25; 
*On RFPI, WOR stays at UT Fri 2000, Sat 1800, Sun 2300, Tue 1900,
 plus 8 and 15 or 15.5 hours later on some of: 6975, 15049, 
 21460-USB; in areas going off DST, this seems one hour earlier
 by local time
*Check for our complete
 schedule including shifted times on WWCR
*WOR on WWCR 5070 missing last Sunday 0630 and 0930, but still
 supposed to be then, shifting to 0730 and 1030
*WOR missing last Saturday morning from KNOR and KOKC in OKC
*WOR back on WGHR, Marietta GA, 100.7 with WRN relay
*WGTG-2 ready to go with new rhombic antenna; waiting on final
 tests and FCC authorization; would like to specialize in 
 liberal programming as "WFPI" World for Peace International
*WBCQ 7415 time authorized; will shift for DST; added Brother
 Stair; Scriptures for America replaced by worse program, Jeff
 Baker; an open hour; where is Margo Sierra coming from? Added
 Spiritual Awakening
*Phony Art Bell statement widely quoted; what he really says
*Boston talkhost Jerry Williams gone from WRKO; see
*North Dakota DX test didn't happen; next: Nov 2 from KLER Idaho
*Rare migrating Saskatchewan burrowing owls with radio tags need
 to be monitored; see
*CBL Toronto gets reprieve on AM
*One Dominican Republic SW station back after hurricane
*Easy-to-remember Peruvian SW frequency well heard
*Standard disclaimer
*Via satellite, internet, cable, FM, AM and shortwave, World of
 Radio 962; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 fax if really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Radio St. Helena Day, Sat Oct 24: propagation prediction of
 no reception beyond east coast; no Day expected next year
*Radio EuroGeek to accompany St. Helena
*Mozambique reactivates SW frequency after more than a year
*New English schedule from Channel Africa
*R. Kudirat, clandestine for Nigeria, is daily, not just Sats
*V. of Africa, Libya, heard again in English, French
*R. Tirana's new English schedule
*Austria's new English to the Americas
*TDF, France, plans 30 percent reduction in SW usage this season
*Laser Hot Hits pirate from Europe widely heard including NAm
*IMR Radio active only on 52 meter band
*Some new BBC frequencies for/from North America; oblivious of
 interference to Mexico
*BBC previews: Composer of the Month; Performance; Play of the
 Week competition winner
*Merlin Network One began fulltime satellite and SW Oct 19; but
 frequency schedule to change again; check their website
*Pictorial tribute to Abe Nathan's Voice of Peace, at
*Clandestines from Iran: V. of the Palestinian Islamic Revolution;
 V. of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq
*Anti-Taleban forces re-take R. Takhar, Taloqan, Afghanistan
*Democratic Voice of Burma via another site--Khabarovsk?
*China's morning frequencies heard in North America
*The most absurd website:
*Papua New Guinea's primary frequency is back
*Australia beginning DST; some RA programs shift but most not
*Site with thousands of links:
*South Korea develops 11-cm thick TV screen, to be 100 gigadollar
 item in a few years
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued Oct 20; flux peak 125
*That's it, that's it for WOR 962; I'm Glenn Hauser          ###