WORLD OF RADIO #961, produced Oct 14, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard time returns Oct 25; some shortwave stations shift
 true timings, others do not; and seasonal frequency changes
*WOR shifts on WGTG to UT Sunday 0030 on 5085
*On WWCR WOR shifts to Thursday 2130 on 15685, Saturday 2330 on
 5070, Sunday 0730 and 1030 on 5070, Monday 0600 on 3210, Tuesday
 1330 on 15685
*Thursday 1600 broadcast has been cancelled; 2030 had Punjabi
 interruption last week; Sunday 0630 missing but still scheduled
*World Radio Network times shift one hour later
*Better to think in terms of Universal Time than local
*Conversion factors during winter for UT vs North American zones
*Art Bell suddenly quits his overnight radio show
*Beeping or other noise in background from road construction
*Another expanded-band station on air from Iowa City
*What's the eastern European pirate on 87.9 FM in Chicago area?
*Special MW DX tests Monday morning Oct 19: WSGI, KEYZ; Oct 26:
*AFRTS SSB relays confirmed as Key West; supposed to end Nov 15
*American Viewpoint on WBCQ is not far-right; started with Lesbian
*Presume WBCQ times will shift one hour later by UT for winter
*WBCQ adding Jeff Davis Show, anti-New World Order; and Fred
 Flintstone Music Show
*Two US stations relayed on same 11m frequency
*WRMI will relay Radio Prague nightly from Oct 25, on new North
 American antenna; as will be Viva Miami, Wavescan, and Frank
 Zappa Show
*Oct 24 free radio specials on WRMI
*Wojtek Gwiazda doing new First Edition show on RCI
*RCI's winter frequencies from Sackville heard in North America
*Radio Asia Canada, accused of connections to Liberation Tigers
 of Tamil Eelam, has disappeared from the air and the web, tho
 winter frequencies were planned via Germany
*Radio Thailand's winter frequencies to North America
*One Mongolian domestic SW frequency on the air: Blue Sky
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 if really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Check our
 all-text website:
*Afghanistan reactivates 60-meter frequency
*Iran has new Georgian service from regional centre
*Kuwait has new English broadcast
*Finland moves North American English back to mornings
*Sweden's winter North American frequencies and times
*Lithuania's winter frequencies
*UN Radio via Germany not heard yet; different frequencies
 planned for winter
*Netherlands moving Pacific broadcast two hours later, also
 more convenient for eastern North America mornings
*Switzerland's morning frequencies direct, and via Singapore
*Italy heard running same English newscast twice
*Shortwave Relay Service, Europe, has been testing 21 MHz to
 North America
*R. Prague program changes, less music
*Merlin Network One to begin fulltime operation October 15;
 frequency schedule
*BBC journalists threaten strike Oct 20
*BBC World Service considers switch to all-news format
*BBC WS previews: Oiling the Wheels; Heritage
*Libya renames radio service Voice of Africa
*Radio Minurca, Central African Republic, frequency chosen
*Radio St. Helena Day: Saturday, Oct 24, 1900-2300 on 11092.5 USB
*Peruvian identified as R. Municipal, Panao, Pachitea, Huanuco
*Ecuador's La Voz de Saquisili reactivated
*AWR closing down SW in Costa Rica, moving to Dominican Republic
*Democratic Voice of Burma testing via Palau Oct 14-15-16-17
*Democratic Voice of Burma via Germany, winter schedule
*Fleetsatcom VHF transponders sometimes relay broadcast feeders
*Intel has a new chip for home computer networks which will
 interfere with shortwave
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct 13; flux peak 140
*That's W O R 961; Glenn Hauser concluding with a
*Standard disclaimer                                       ###