WORLD OF RADIO #959, produced Sept 30, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Last week's quote attributed to Kenneth Starr may have been a hoax
*Continent of Media now available as full file download as well
 as streaming from
*Cable Radio in Huntsville, Alabama includes BBC and WRN1 with WOR
*World of Radio now at two new times on WWCR, companion to VOA
 Communications World half an hour earlier: Sat 2230 on 5070, Mon 
 0530 on 3210; other usual times on WWCR continue
*R. Australia's blanket elexion coverage Oct 3 0810-1300
*R. New Zealand Int'l repeating 50th anniversary special one week
 later: UT Fri Oct 2 0530-0730, 0930-1130; our interview about
 halfway in or a little earlier; also at
*Pronounce Z as Zed re New Zealand; as Zee re Philippines
*DZFM, Philippines monitored on variable 31m frequency
*Japanese marine weather MW stations from lighthouses heard in
 Oregon; how they are coordinated on a single frequency
*New Mongolian SW transmitter unaccounted for, unheard
*New CRI site in Urumchi still off the air
*Identity of ID speaker on CRI tape: a Minnesotan
*Tannu Tuva has new shortwave frequency
*VOA new transmitter in Sri Lanka testing again
*Afghanistan's exact shortwave sign-off times
*Radio Oman has some new frequencies conflicting with neighbors
*New Bukavu, Congo frequency with 50 watts
*Ogene Ndigbo service via WHRA looking for better site
*Radio SNBS via WGTG keeps missing broadcast; obituary
*Dave Frantz talks about WGTG instead, and at another time
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, W.O.R. 959; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
 fax if really necessary: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
 all-text website:
*Harry Shearer's Le Show finally starts on WBCQ (recording);
 the Nazis are gone, but not Scriptures for America; Al
 Weiner Worldwide new times; supposed new afternoon religious
 show unheard; plan to carry Art Bell overnight not confirmed;
 transmitter almost up to full power; Pacifica News wanted
 too much money to be carried on WBCQ
*Oklahoma SW harmonic still heard, and off-frequency
*Another US station on 11-meter band heard trans-Pacifically
*Havana's third harmonic on 10-meter band ditto
*Sick-out at Bahamas Broadcasting over pay
*Broadcasting Corporation of Belize being divested by government
*RFPI Oct 4-10 broadcasting live from Virginia's Belonging to
 Mother Earth conference; also on satellite, and webcast; see - and live call-ins on FRRR resume
*R. Yugoslavia retiming WNAm broadcast, but still summer freqs
*Norway's final English lost some transmissions with site down;
 18950 usage to expand for D98; staffer vows to try to get 
 English rescued
*Ireland has new commercial TV3 network
*Surrey Electronics gets European Commission on Human Rights
 backing over allowing independent SW station in Britain
*New BBC WS head foresees changes, but not structural ones
*BBC WS about to close down German service
*Lord Archer proposes England go on double-DST, but not Scotland
*DW from Germany barely using 13m; should try 11m
*Report that the ionosphere has lowered 8 km, so are radio
 propagation distances also reduced?
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept. 29; flux peak 145
*So concludes WOR 959; your input welcomed to
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