WORLD OF RADIO #958, produced Sept 23, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*New times for WOR on WWCR from Oct 3: Sat 2230 5070, Mon 0530 
 3210, paired with VOA Communications World in previous half-
 hour, sponsored by Grove Enterprises
*Punjabi replaces one of our Spanish DX reports, Mundo Radial
*After a couple of broadcasts on WBCQ, neo-Nazi programs American
 Dissident Voices and Scriptures for America both cancelled; WBCQ
 adding Art Bell Show overnight; topics of other WBCQ programs
*Le Show in SNAFU last Sunday, but "definitely" starts Sept 27
*Spiritual Awakening has new time on WWCR; also on Wisdom Radio
 Network, satellite
*WWBS Macon, Georgia, already causing local interference problems
*WRNO plans comeback soon; transmitters are lemons
*"Patriot" SW talkhost Bo Gritz shoots himself over divorce 
*KNLS makes seasonal change on odd date; English frequencies
*Ken Starr quoted against pornography on public media
 [subsequently reported to have been an "internet hoax"]
*Portugal bans further Monica coverage in deference to President
*Special mediumwave DX test season begins Oct 5: WTIV, WFRA, WIBW
*Two new Cuban exile programs on WRMI
*Condolences to Jean Parker, Disability Radio Worldwide, on death
 of her husband
*RFPI resumed 30 kW 6975, but RTTY QRM on 6972 one night so far;
 all three frequencies heard at once again
*unID Peruvian, Radio DW? First letter not certain
*South Africa and Botswana intervene in Lesotho; check R. Lesotho
*R. Kudirat again audible in North America
*R. Manurca, Central African Republic project postponed
*R. Hargeisa, Somaliland, gets new transmitter and studio
*R. Democracy for Africa status report; see House Resolution:
*America's non-governmental, non-commercial and non-religious DX
 program, World of Radio 958; P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948
*Norway's final English broadcast already Sunday, Sept 27 
 (recording of "penultimate" announcement); NAm frequencies
*United Nations Radio resuming 5-day-a-week schedule via Germany
 [languages not specified yet]
*Belgium chooses frequency for Bonaire relay in English to North
 America from Oct 25
*Another weird frequency for Croatia, mixing product
*Albania's English schedule to North America
*"Modernisation" of BBC World Service unwelcome
*New executives at BBC include at WS, Mark Byford
*BBC WS previews for October: Composer of the Month, Performance,
 Off the Shelf
*Radio Free Iraq to be launched last week of October; status 
*Iran well heard in English, in Florida
*New frequency for Vietnam via Russia in English to Europe
*Australian Labour opposition promises to increase ABC funding 
 including re-opening R. Australia Darwin transmitters; election
 Oct 3
*X-band Aussie, Emu Plains Prison Farm, NSW, heard in Oregon
*R. New Zealand International's 50th anniversary special UT Fri
 Sept 25, 0530-0705 11905, 0705-0730 and 0905-1100 9700, includes
 interview with gh
*Longtime DXer with ASWLC, Gerald Arrington, died in August
*Ontario DX Association Radio Fest 98, weekend of Oct 2 in 
 Hamilton, with guest speaker list; 
*Guy Atkins recommends the Yaesu FT-920 transceiver as a very 
 good receiver
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Sept 9
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 22: flux peak 165
*Standard disclaimer
*W O R 958; I'm Glenn Hauser                                    ###