WORLD OF RADIO #956, produced Sept 9, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New Sept edition of my monthly Spanish DX report, Mundo Radial,
 starts Sept 10 on WWCR, Thu 2100 and Fri 2115 on 15685
*WBCQ, Al Weiner's new SW station in Maine on 7415, was 
 inaugurated UT Sept 9 (recordings); several programs as now
 scheduled including neo-Nazi American Dissident Voices; has
 two websites, the newer one "We are
 the light and we are the thunder, and the truth shall set us
*Oklahoma currently has SW station, a MW harmonic (recording)
*Vance AFB, Enid, TIS station broadcasts "Threat Condition
 Alpha, an actual state of alert and not an exercise" (recording)
*New York Philharmonic monthly "live" concerts start Sept 17
*Max Ferguson, major CBC personality, retired Sept. 5; two long
 stories about him from Halifax Herald Sept. 3 [may not work]
 and Globe & Mail, Toronto Sept. 5 [confirmed]
*CBC/French proposes keeping AM frequencies with new all-news
 service "Info-Radio" at least in Montreal; in French only?
*XERTA heard with DX program in Spanish
*Mediumwave harmonic from Dominican Republic
*Peruvian heard on new out-of-band frequency
*HCJB again looking for new transmitter sites due to airline
*Ham radio special broadcasts Sept 19 from South Africa, 
 including 500 kW to North America
*Ascension now has official website,
*UN Radio Minurca to start Sept 11 from Central African Republic
 but first frequency choice, 11300, is no good; others possible
*Sudan's English service heard on new frequency
*Switzerland confirms another site will close at end of Oct,
 leaving only Sottens
*France's new frequency in English to North America
*Croatia heard on unlisted frequency, another mixing product
*English heard from Belarus
*Azerbaijan moves English to a higher frequency
*Afghanistan changes morning schedule
*Baghdad heard in English with best signal yet
*Israel went off DST Sept 5, so English and all others one hour
 later now; debate about extending DST
*MTV in trouble in India for putting flag on its logo, an insult
*North Korea claims missile fired across Japan was really a
 satellite launch, with SW on 27 MHz, but US cannot confirm
*Vietnam expected to move into sideband of Dr Scott soon
*Australia plans to cover the Commonwealth Games
*Try the DX bulletin from Bulgaria, PanIview, for only 1 IRC to
 PanIview, P O Box 900, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
*Shortwave Relay Service schedule planned for Sept 12-13, 19-20
*RFPI active on 15049 instead of 6975 lately
*When solar flux is up, check above 30 MHz for SWBC harmonics,
 and other F-2 skip even higher
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued Sept 8; flux to peak at
*That's World of Radio 956; always inviting your input to, or Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA  ###