WORLD OF RADIO #954, produced Aug 25, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*New September edition of Continent of Media on RFPI; topic list
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*Daniel Atkinson's unsolicited testimonial
*Some have taken our advice to access Internet and E-mail free 
 through local library; you're already paying for it in taxes
*Lots of URLs on this program, apologies to those who can't use
*Jitters in Prague about hosting Radio Free Europe to Iran, Iraq
*Another VLF test from Sweden Aug 21 0930 on 17.2 kHz
*RTE Ireland has media program, not on SW, Soundbyte, Sat 1030
 accessible on RealAudio at
*BBC Radio 4 losing audience since revamp in the spring
*BBC World Service Sept previews: Performance; Omnibus; 
 Commonwealth Games
*Kuwait plans new political radio station, including English
*Mahendra Vaghjee now has sound file of African, ME and Asian
 stations on his websites, including AIR Jaipur and
*Sudan stayed on late after bombing
*In the midst of WOR 954; P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser See our
 all-text website:
*Austria gives broadcasting equipment to Gaalkacyo, Somalia
*Radio Africa heard on R. Nacional frequency, Equatorial Guinea
*New schedule for China's Mali relay, two transmitters
*Radio for Peace International news: kitty named; 10 kW back
 on 21460 soon; Pacifica news; Millennium Dreams; program
 schedule changes; AMARC reports
*MW harmonic from Ecuador to North Carolina; hear it and others
*WBCQ heard testing Aug 20
*WSHB changes 18 MHz frequency
*AFN heard on another SW frequency, one time?
*Correcting last week's URL for Savvy Traveler as on AFRTS:
*Another good program on AFRTS, Into Tomorrow; see
*Lots of broadcasting industry newsgroups you may subscribe to:
*Makeover at The Family Channel with Ohhh Noooo, Mr. Bill
*BBC again usurps RCI frequency from Sackville
*St. Pierre and Miquelon ham DX-pedition Aug 26-Sept 2; see
*Why isn't there an audio-only VHS hifi tape deck?
*New Sony mini-disc recorder described in Sept Stereo Review
 has timer
*Propagation news from ARRL; see
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, issued Aug 19
*Standard disclaimer
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