WORLD OF RADIO #953, produced Aug 19, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*In Congo DR, a bounty proclaimed against foreign journalists
*Bunia, Congo station taken over by rebels
*Human Rights Watch concerned about witchhunt in Kinshasa
*Check 15244 for Kinshasa; interference from R. Asia Canada
*Radio Kudirat, clandestine from South Africa to Nigeria, still
 heard in Europe
*Central African Republic back on SW
*New African station looking for clear 9 MHz frequency
*UNESCO worker needs help to improve radio in Somalia
*Plans for a New Utopia in the Caribbean; see
*RFPI with one transmitter only switching from 15049 to 6975
*RFPI to start Pacifica News Sept 2
*Already on RFPI, new show A Public Affair, from WORT Madison
*R. Educacion, Mexico, increased power, and has Spanish DX show
*Background to La Voz del Guaviare, Colombia
*Radio Barquisimeto plans to reactivate SW for baseball, also
 website and RealAudio
*Radio Satelite, Peru, starts morning broadcasts
*Two Peruvians reactivated above 7 MHz
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, W.O.R. 953, Box 
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; Fax if necessary
 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check our website for info on all
 our broadcasts and publications:
*Voice of Shari'a, Afghanistan, latest SW sked includes English
*Taleban takes over Rabbani's opposition SW station in Takhar
*Two Kurdish clandestines seem to come from same location
*Schedules for V. of the People of Kurdistan; and V. of Iraqi
*VOA SW via Rhodes expected to have ceased Aug 18
*BBC 12095 no longer suffering utility interference
*BBC previews: Come Inside; Dead White Males play; Songs of the
 Sufi Mystics
*South Asia Radio Guide now on the web:
*RNZI Mailbox will be interrupted for frequency change; new 
 frequency schedule effective Sept 6
*Still no AFRTS program schedule; we found The Savvy Traveler on
*WBCQ already heard testing Aug 14
*Brother Stair on new frequency clashing with BBC
*Bo Gritz' SW broadcast in the news is on WWCR
*Mark from Michigan was on the run, then captured, not on air?
*Feud between Tom Leykis and Dr. Laura; see article on her in
 August Vanity Fair, or
*FCC busted 15 Miami FM pirates in late July
*We're aghast at security systems putting hash on the FM band;
 ARRL sucessfully prevented use of entire SW band for this
*Brace yourself for different SW propagation this fall; 13mb 
 active in middle of night; SW fadeout on Aug 17 with major
 flare; higher flux predicted up to 160 in
*Propagation outlook from Boulder
*Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week                     ###