WORLD OF RADIO #952, produced Aug 12, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Confirmed our new early time on WWCR, Thu 1600 on 15685
*New edition of our Spanish DX report starts Aug 13 on WWCR
*RFPI mostly off the past week after component in 30 kW 
 transmitter failed, and 10 kW also off, waiting for parts
*RFPI's 11th anniversary Fiesta on the Air, UT Thursday
 Sept 17 from 0000
*At least in US, it's easier and easier to get on internet free
 through libraries, and sign up for free E-mail service. You 
 don't need your own computer or internet access
*Even small town libraries often have internet computers, e.g.
 Kenora, Ontario whilst main library in Winnipeg still does not
*Free E-mail services include hotmail, rocketmail, netaddress, 
 yahoo, mailexcite, angelfire; check their sites for instructions
*WGTG testing #2 transmitter this week; promises WOR more airtimes
*WGTG cleared by FCC but continues to be harrassed; gathering
 evidence that WSB poses a greater RF radiation risk; WWBS likely
 to have even more problems from downtown rather than rural area
*Fundamental Broadcasting Network took info from WGTG in order
 to apply for its own SW station in North Carolina
*RadioMemphis plans music service from October via WRN to be
 relayed on AM, FM and SW, not specified [not "specialized"]
*WMLK, Pennsylvania plans upgrades to 200 kW
*WMLK maintains that Jesus was killed on a tree, not a cross
*George Thurman seems to have been the discoverer of AFRTS on SW
*Three frequencies still heard, with one or two programs; no
 sked available, but some we monitored; Key West site confirmed
*All-night open carrier from KXTD, 1530, Oklahoma, still there
*ARRL notice that FCC proposes phasing out Novice and Technician
 Plus classes; long period allowed for comments; see complete
 notice on
*Once you've heard it on World of Radio, it's no longer news. 
 This is 952, Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
 fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
 See for full info
*Radio Miskut, Nicaragua, now at full power, antenna info, plans
 and sked
*Radio San Miguel de El Faique, Peru puts in good signal
*Radio Nacional, Paraguay, heard with mailbag program
*Radio Bolivia isn't in Bolivia
*Liberia Commercial Network reactivated on SW
*V. of Free Nigeria went off in early July; no longer needed
*Congo DR station taken over by rebels, calls for genocide 
 against Rwandan Tutsis
*World Radio Network started overnight service to NPR, at least
 Baltimore station; any others known?
*BBC domestic networks being dumbed-down; impact on World Service?
*BBC WS previews: Play of the Week; Mark Tully's No Full Stops in
*Merlin Network One has posted full SW sked for Aug 14-15 special,
 all pop music, except VOA Communications World on three freqs
*Rompres, press radioteletype sked from Romania
*Correction to Radio New Zealand Mailbox times given last week
 which were in local days. UT days: Mon 2135 17675, Wed 1735 on
 6145, Fri 1930 on 9875; Rudi Hill programmes gone
*Radio Shack just released 1999 catalog, nothing new in SW
*Don't buy the NRD-545 before reading Larry Magne's negative 
 review of it in the August Monitoring Times
*Informal DX get-together at Madison, WI, Sat Aug 22, info from
 Bill Dvorak, or 608-244-5497
*Sorry to hear that Satellite Times is ceasing publication
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued August 11
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 952               ###