WORLD OF RADIO #951, produced Aug 5, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI adjusted 1 kHz upward to 21461, further from HCJB USB
*WWCR added new feature block M-F at 1600 on 15685, including
 World of Radio on Thursdays; still also Thu at 2030 on 15685
*CD Radio, direct satellite radio service, to include World
 Radio Network on channel 57
*The Electra radioship ran into another and has been auctioned
*WBCQ not carrying much B.S.; initial schedule
*Pennsylvania ANG gets another new Psyops broadcast plane
*AFRTS back on SW via marine USB transmitters; with two 
 different programs, one musical; Puerto Rico location disputed
 [later: confirmed as Key West, Florida]
*Who can find and send us the complete AFRTS program schedule?
*WRMI 9955 Viva Miami special in English on Mexican DX meeting,
 UT Fri Aug 7 at 0330
*Congress votes more money for TV Marti, "invisible television
 to nowhere"
*Head named for Farsi service of RFE/RL; secret studio in Prague
*Prairie Home Companion Aug 8-9 has Al Franken parody of BBC
 classical broadcasts
*Mystery solved: the all-night open carrier on 1530 kHz
*New comedy program on CBC: The Muckraker
*R. Asia Canada frequency changes; English gone
*July 25 Toronto Globe & Mail had excellent article introducing
 SW to public by Jenny Punter, SW Thrives in Internet Age
*Standard disclaimer
*America's non-commercial, non-governmental and non-religious
 DX program, W.O.R. 941, Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
*La Voz de la Mosquitia, 4910 repaired and to return in October
*AWR Costa Rica running Wavescan UT Tuesdays at 0000
*New Peruvian stations, reactivations, or new names: R. Virgen 
 del Carmen; R. Sicuani in clear; R. La Voz de Chiriaco; R. JVL;
 R. Regional; unID on 5775
*R. Rainbow, Ethiopian clandestine, full schedule
*RTE Ireland adds daily relays via Ascension, Singapore
*BBC program previews: International Question Time; Meridian Live;
 Composer of the Month; Musical of the Week; Performance
*Merlin Network One's 48-hour radio festival Aug 14-15
*Radio Free London anniversary celebration Aug 7-16
*Spain has new frequency for English to Europe
*High Adventure Radio quit Georgia for Germany; schedule
*Two best Ukraine frequencies off most of July for non-payment,
 now back
*New frequency for V. of Russia in August
*R. Varna, Bulgaria, on SW is "incognito operation" former jammer
*V. of Shari'a, Afghanistan resuming SW
*R. Afghanistan, opposition station, heard on SW
*RRI Indonesia dropping 5 daily newscasts
*Transmitter donated by Australia to Goroka, PNG, rotting away
 for lack of commitment to activate it
*Australian Defence Forces Radio explains use of two frequencies
*R. New Zealand Int'l Mailbox new times, and new URL:
*Millenium Radio, new internet radio service for smaller 
 stations, pirates, DX programs
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa
*Propagation outlook from Boulder
*World of Radio 951; Glenn Hauser inviting you to listen again
 next week                                           ###