WORLD OF RADIO #945, produced June 17, 1998 by Glenn Hauser

*Special WOR segment on AWR Wavescan starts Sunday June 28; also
 via and WRN Sun 0700, 1430 UT; AWR Europe
 0930 UT Sun on 7230; Mon on ZLXA/2XA; later on other AWR stations
 and WRMI; is edition No. 183; try TIAWR UT Mon 0000 on 9725, 13750
 and 15460
*AWR buying three SRI Schwarzenburg transmitters to move to Italy
*RFPI's mirror site at is down; use original site
 including the gh interview, under previous VISTA articles
*Added to the WOR website: Oklahoma Broadcasting News, starting
 with tornado summary
*OKC has powerful new Paxnet on ch. 62; UPN about to replace PBS
 on 43
*Broadcasts in English booklet in time order for international SW
 with all target areas and sites, excluding BBC WS. 4 first-class
 stamps in UK; elsewhere 3 IRCs or US$3: British DX Club, 10 
 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, Reading RG4 7SB, UK
*TV stations won't pay qualified engineers decent salary
*Drake SW-8 receivers are not all the same; improvements made in
 1996 [not 1966!], coverage down to 100 kHz, sometimes called the
*Radio Shack discounts the clearanced DX-390 another $10 to $90;
 Optimus TV-band radio for $50
*Save Nigeria Broadcasting Service starts via WGTG; used to be R. 
 New Nigeria (recording)
*V. of Oduduwa, Ijinle Ohun Oduduwa, new Yoruba opposition service
 via WHRA (recording), including some English; joined by Igbo and 
 Ijaw programs on other days
*W.O.R. 945, Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA. Last week here I said
 943 instead of 944.  fax 1-580-233-2948 attn
*R. Democracy for Africa awaiting congressional approval, but USIA
 and VOA ready to go with three languages
*R. Botswana heard on 70 MHz band in England
*Canadian Forces Network via RCI shutting down at Junend; RCI will
 QSL for it; schedule, all via Skelton
*CBC This Morning, Sunday, summer cut to two hours, with Gzowski
 conversations during final hour
*WRNO's auction procedure; one bid has been rejected
*Crisis at Radio Marti, excellent long article at
*Back after four years, R. Cima Cien, Dominican Republic, on 60m;
 another D.R. frequency has varied
*Muddying the waters about Bonaire transmitter discussion: pulse
 modulation does not involve anything digital
*Peruvian broadcast heard in middle of 40m band
*Fiji University communications heard on SW instead of satellite
*New president of Indonesia allows competitive local news instead
 of requiring RRI relays on the hour
*R. Myanmar's English schedule, with inoffensive US pops, news
*IBC Tamil service changing frequency
*Bahrain's Gulf News Agency press teletype schedule
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta heard via Russia in English
*Spain's English schedule
*CARACOL, Colombian network in Spanish, on MW from Paris for Cup
*Shortwave Relay Service plans extensive pirate broadcasts the
 last two weekends in June
*New on BBC WS: The World Lectures; Just A Minute; Multi-Track
 Special Live from Glastonbury; Waveguide; Wimbeldon's special
 frequency; World Cup Roundup
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 16
*With a Standard Disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding W.O.R. 945, and hoping you'll hear me
 again next week                                            ###