WORLD OF RADIO #1002, produced Sept 8, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

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*Media report from East Timor by Juichi Yamada
*UNAMET program from Timor:
*R. Australia covers E Timor; also
*RA starting new series this week, "In the Pipeline" on digitization
*VNG may stay on air until June 2002
*Australia's Southern Cross DX Club has closed down
*R. Independence Bougainville reduced schedule; unID also from there?
*R. Vanuatu heard in Pennsylvania on 60m
*New Zealand TV heard in Hawaii
*V. of China, clandestine from Taiwan
*Yonhap News Agency, South Korea, press teletype on SW
*Taliban's V. of Shariah, Afghanistan changed morning schedule
*Israel's feature programs on 1500 English broadcast
*V. of Hope, Lebanon, unusually strong
*V. of Russia fall frequencies confirmed
*St. Petersburg TV and radio network license suspended
*Baltic Waves Radio authorized in Lithuania for 2000 in Belarussian
*Poland's reactivated longwave runs a megawatt
*TWR goes co-channel to R. Vilnius North American broadcast
*Deutschlandfunk on new 49mb frequency from Berlin
*Villagers near RFE/IBB Holzkirchen SW transmitters call on US 
 government to close them down due to cancer rate
*DW/DTK Nauen SW transmitters west of Berlin open house Sept 12
*Austria plans new morning broadcast to western NAm this winter
*R. Tirana, Albania ran 5 minutes late
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*Thanks this week to Cindy Lindau for financial support to WOR
*BBC Previews: A World for Children [starts Sept 18 not 8], Play of
 the Week: Mosquitos; Worldplays commissioned from CBC, RNZ; Off the
 Shelf: Chekhov, Austen; Poems by Post; Composer of the Month: R.
 Strauss; Concert Hall; A Name to Remember; Waveguide; My Century;
 The Works; Science in Action
*BBC Radio 5 [Up All Night!] gets rave reviews
*BBC Radio 4 on demand has "The Internet: Last Battleground of the
 XX Century"
*BBC Bush House open for tours Saturday, Sept 18
*EWTN Global Catholic Radio heard via RTE Merlin; mistake?
*Tamil Oli Radio from Madagascar had RN audio mix
*Sat Sept 18 is World Amateur Radio Day; special broadcasts from
 South Africa
*R. Minurca, Central African Republic, audible again
*R. Universidad, Costa Rica, heard in Europe during brief window 
*WRNU, Florida X-bander now with all-sports format
*New Florida X-bander with travel info [not Tampa]
*Another Florida X-bander plans 10 kW night test Sept 12
*Texan X-bander now active on same frequency
*Another new X-bander has started in Tacoma
*Fellow radio editor Bill Pfeiffer was killed in accident Sept 1
*WBCQ had damping diode failure in transmitter; temporary use of
 backup transmitter
*Congratulations to Al Weiner and company on WBCQ's first anniversary
 Sept. 8; working on WBCQ-Two
*Tone tests heard from WTJC, but frequency nixed
*WJCR acquired two of VOA Bethany's old transmitters
*We heard WRNO on two off-frequencies
*Cyber-shortwave live Sunday mornings; see or
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Sept 1
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 7
*That's WOR 1002; I'm Glenn Hauser                         ###