WORLD OF RADIO #1001, produced Sept 1, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition 99-06 of Continent of Media now available at and soon on RFPI: Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000,
 Wed 1730, and most 8 and 16 hours later
*One of our WWCR times canceled: Sat 1930
*New program season already starting on CBC and RCI, including 
 Quirks & Quarks
*Goose Bay, Labrador programming via SW in Newfoundland
*New Moroccan program on Montreal station;
*Application for gay station to take over abandoned CBC Toronto 
*WTJC, next new American SW station, about to start testing vs TIAWR
*WGTG's web presence not kept up to date
*Norwegian listeners complain of super-splatter WEWN
*WRMI making more use of 7465
*WBCQ has new "Pagan Potpourri" program; and "American Innovation"
*Hurricane net prime frequencies; to find detailed info:
*Oklahoma Broadcasting News on my website includes: new KWBT, Tulsa
*Jay Marvin definitely going back to WLS from Labor Day
*New Waco station starting on X-band
*Florida's top frequency switching from Spanish to sports?
*American SWL Club meeting Sept 4; 714-846-1685
*National Radio Club annual labor day convehntion in WV
*Paulista DX Club meeting open to the public in Sao Paulo this Sat
*Peruvian station takes third name, R. Coremarca
*Another Peruvian just above 7 MHz: La Voz de los Huarinjas
*Ernie Behr's unID Arabic on 12020 is HCJB via Skelton
*V. of Guyana chief engineer 8R1SG is active on ham nets
*Debra Latham of RFPI gets Peace Power Media Award
*RFPI antenna azimuths on each frequency
*HRMI Honduras active in the evenings including English
*R. Marti abandoned same frequency for another, but Cubans keep
 jamming the old one
*The no-nonsense DX program, WOR 1001; still glowing at all the nice
 greetings for WOR 1000; will put more of them on an Extra
*John Cobb calls us the "Sheherazade of Shortwave", 1001 nights...
*We were interviewed on RFPI Mailbag, stored in their audio archive;
 also on VOA Communications World-B last week; CKUT interview stored
*Sept issue of Messenger, Canadian International DX Club, carries a
 more detailed interview with us in print; info from
*Thanks for donations to WOR: David Chapchuk in Pennsylvania
*R. Kudirat still being heard
*R. Paralelo 27 testing from South Africa on Saturdays, time corrected
*Additional RN Madagascar transmitter now carrying Tamil Oli Radio, see; Democratic V. of Burma; IBC Tamil
*RAI Italy still clashes with R. Australia on same frequency
*RAI fails to announce the same frequency in another broadcast
*RVI Belgium via Bonaire quite unreliable, sometimes missing
*R. Luxembourg English to resume MW
*BBC WS previews: Performance; Prom Concerts; Last Night of the Proms;
 China's Long March; Millennium Concert No. 1 - Messiah
*Congratulations to BBC Monitoring on 60th anniversary; see special 
*Portishead Radio, Britain, to close down Sept 17; frequencies
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania, in debt and may have to cancel English
*R. Caroline tests confirmed as via Latvia
*Fall schedule changes include V. of Russia from Sept. 6
*Israeli Defence Forces Radio was on SW again briefly, for Turkey?
*Something else still on one Galei Tsahal frequency
*Israel ending DST Sept 2, so all SW broadcasts one hour later
*R. Pakistan dropped all its dictation speed slow news in English
*Bhutan has clear frequency now into Wyoming
*Equinoctial reception improving from Mongolia
*R. Taipei International broadcasts in wrong language
*New Zealand's new frequency schedule from Sept 5
*Operation Deepfreeze flights to Antarctica underway again
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Aug 31; flux peak 220
*Contact us: or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
*Glenn Hauser, concluding WOR 1001                             ###