WORLD OF RADIO #950, produced by Glenn Hauser

*Orban 9105a when improperly used causes SW splatter problems
*Bob Zanotti will be at Swiss Week, Spartanburg SC weekends of 
 July 25, 31
*More details of drastic cuts to R. New Zealand International
 on its 50th anniversary
*Voice of Indonesia in English heard in wee hours
*Iraq starts international TV by satellite, Iraqi Space Channel
*Radio Ukraine International's English broadcasts vanish
*Slight delay introduced on BBC SW vis-a-vis satellite
*BBC's funding increase isn't enough: will have to drop
 languages; new Oman transmitter under construxion
*New BBC programs in late July: Crime & Punishment; Prom details;
 Off the Shelf--Gordimer; About Face; Letters from Britain; 
 Likeness of Being; Stories from the Afterlife; Science Extra;
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*South London Community Radio Group constructing showreel of
 best production examples of community radio elsewhere; info
 from Send to: SLCRG, 88 High St., London 
 SW19 2BT, UK
*Nigerian exiles via WHRA may quit soon; all coordinated by Voice
 of Oduduwa
*Voz Cristiana, Chile, officially launched July 15; another freq
 clashes; new address is P.O. Box 2889, Miami, FL 33144
*More and more Brazilian SW stations carry evangelical programs;
 even the ex-timesignal station Relogio Federal
*Antarctica makes total schedule change
*Polar Bear train ham DX-pedition August in Manitoba; info at
*Rock-It Radio's live netcasts weekends
*Another Wisconsin station in X-band gets out
*Cedar Rapids station plans 1650 by September 1 or sooner
*Strange RTTY-like interference on MW may come from harmonics of
 longwave Differential Global Positioning System
*World Radio has started new network already from Kentucky with
 hourly news for third-tier public radio stations; tollfree 877-
 230-NEWS or
*W.O.R. 950, Glenn Hauser hoping you've found something of interest
 and will be sure to tune in again next week                   ###