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      CONTINENT OF MEDIA OCTOBER 1998 -- Glenn Hauser

*COM is scheduled on RFPI: Saturday at 1730, Friday at 1930, plus
 8 and 15 hours later
*COM's latest edition also now on the web thanks to Harry Helms:
*Our own website is text-only, info backing up World of Radio and
*Don't confuse with - a dating site offering nude
 photos which some libraries block
*New York Philharmonic Live broadcast dates 1998-1999; see
*"Sacred Spirits", really nice music mixing Native American chants
 with electronic and modern instruments. Virgin, 1994, CD number:
 72443 840352 2 8
*Plans for a "War of the Worlds" special event ham call Hallowe'en
 weekend: 2X2L
*KOA has a regular quarter-hour of comedy in the middle of the night
*Salsa radio station in New York has a Dominican DJ named Rudy
*President Forbes' sesquiminute radio addresses
*Mark Koernke dyed his hair orange, jumped in a lake, got arrested
*Review of TCI digital cable TV: it sucks
*You're listening to Continent of Media
*New public radio network, World Radio, from Georgetown, Kentucky, 
 has only eleven affiliates
*Mike Malloy, a (gasp, horror), polite liberal talkhost, on WLS,
 890, Chicago 
*Where to hear Jim Hightower's satellite feed
*Marc Fisher's final radio column for the Washington Post, bemoans
 the sorry state of radio, especially in Washington
*Radio AAHS wins $20 million contract lawsuit from ABC/Radio Disney
*We mourn the cancellation of "Remember WENN" on American Movie
 Classics cable net; see fan website on protesting:
*That's all the time for Continent of Media; I'm Glenn Hauser; tune
 in our other program weekly, World of Radio on RFPI            ###