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Swords and Sorcery

Welcome to the realm of magic and mayhem where wizards gather their forces and vie for supremacy.


SandS is a strategic board game combining turn based movements and card playing. Each player adds a piece of the gameplay area, representing their own domain. This means that the gameplay area increases as more people play. Each player in turn moves pieces to gain strategic advantage.
Magic cards provide an element of chance and intrigue as the randomly dealt cards are hidden until invoked. Magic cards can be invoked at any time so the timing of their use is strategically important as well. The only piece that can invoke magic is the wizard.
Protection of the wizard will ensure an advantage over your opponents.

The whole thing can be downloaded as a Word 6.0 document by clicking HERE.
(You may need to hold the SHIFT key down as you click to force a file save.)

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Look what others have written.

The name of this game was changed to SandS from it's original Wizwar when Joshua Howard (one of the most knowledgable fellows at bonegames told me about an existant game called Wiz-War marketed by Chessex games.
It looked pretty similar so despite not being able to contact the game designer (Tom Jolly of Jollygames ) I descided to change the name.
So anyways .... if you see references to wizwar .... that's why.

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