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Know our newspaper: UPA NEWS



UPA News was created in september of 1996 by the initiative of some teenagers and a really great counselor. After the editorial staff gang sweat their shirts we got (finally) the first exemplar. This newspaper counts on sections like: "SpiriACTUAL" (the spiritual section of the newspaper), "Biblemaniacs" (curiosities about the Holy Bible), "?" (tales about Upa's members doing nonsense things), "UPA Rank" (the good eminences and bad eminences of UPA), "Have I Told You?" (recent gossips about Upa's members) and the "Bang Section" (incredible drawning with a biblic sense). Actually the staff gang is: Mariana, Maria Teresa, Giovana, Everton, Leandro, Diego and Tulio, and Valeria is our supervisor. Any doubt about UPA, the Prespeterian Church, how to make a home-page in the Internet, or if you want to send us suggestions and comments, send us an E-Mail, and we will answer it as soon as possible.


If you enjoyed the idea of the newspaper "UPA News", send us an E-Mail with your name, adress, zip code, and if it's possible, even your telephone number, so UPA from the 1st Prespeterian Church of Santos can start sending you our newspaper. Thanks a lot.