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Ryoko is a demon...plain and simple. One day, curiosity got the best of Tenchi Masaki...(who is nothing but a flake)..and he went marauding around in the Masaki Shrine, where the demon Ryoko had been imprisoned for over 700 years. Lord Katsuhito...(Tenchi's Grandfather) had told Tenchi time and time again not to go in there!!!! (here is the description of the destruction Ryoko caused on earth, as described by Lord Katsuhito to Tenchi).....
"It was a long time ago. A demon came here from the sky, it's strength was enormous and terrible, it destroyed villages, burned everything, and our people suffered greatly because of its evil powers."
So Ryoko's starting to sound like a badass little riot girl right? Anyway, Tenchi got the keys to this forbidden cave where the demon was imprisoned and went right in. He couldnt keep his hands off of things, and he found this sword that was supposed to be able to cut through stone, but it looked all rusty and corroded. Tenchi decided to try it anyway, and the rock did break, but so did the sword...(thats something that would happen to me) Tenchi was left standing there with just the handle. He went through a crack in the wall and slipped down a chute, and this is where he found Ryoko. Ryoko looked a little nasty after 700 years, and scared the hell out of Tenchi. Tenchi left and went home with the sword handle. The next day at school, Tenchi fell asleep on top of the school building. When he woke up, it was dark. He saw a black cat on the rooftop with him, he called the cat, and it came running up to him, but when Tenchi reached his arms out to catch it, it disappeared. The cat had a bell on its neck, and Tenchi heard the bell jingling and a woman laughing. He turned his head and there sat Ryoko, looking a whole lot "newer" than she did in the cave, so she tried to kill him.
"I just need to let off some steam on!"
She led him on a midnight chase through Tenchi's school, destroying most of it. Tenchi finally ended the battle when he cut off Ryoko's right hand...(which had a sacred jewel on it, the source of her powers)...the jewel blew up, and Ryoko promptly regenerated it and left. Tenchi went home and found Ryoko sleeping in his bed. Acting slightly seductive, only trying to get her jewel back...(there are another 3 jewels on the sword)

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Washuu-chan is the greatest scientific mind in the universe. Im not quite sure on her story in the OAV's, but i am in the TV series. In the TV series, its not Ryoko we find inprisoned inside the Masaki shrine, its Washuu. She was a mad scientist exiled over 700 years ago. One fateful night, Ryoko decided to get Tenchi's attention. She met him on his walk home from school....(she didnt destroy it in the TV series.) She melted UP from the GROUND from behind him (sometimes i wish i could do this" Ryoko is madly in love with him, and he is either too dumb to realize it, or just doesnt care. So....she got this crazy idea to tie him up with a rope and take him to the cave...and she has here own...ummm...motives. So, Ryoko leads a bound Tenchi to the Masaki shrine. They come across all kinds of boobie traps, and a few of them get Ryoko really pissed off! Needless to say, she goes mad and destroys all the traps that came flying at her. She knocks down a wall, and they end up in a room with a giant green rock in the center of it. Tenchi is busy checking out the rock, fearing it might be the "goblin" that Katsuhito was telling them all about. Tenchi decides to get the heck out of there, but Ryoko has other plans...^_^. She takes off her cape and starts to get very friendly with Tenchi. Right when she pulls him to the ground, Ayeka, Sasami, Ryo-Ohki, and Mihoshi knock down another wall and Ayeka picks a fight with Ryoko. Ryoko ends picking up the giant rock...(Ryoko is VERY strong.) and she just throws it at Ayeka. What they dont know is that it is that rock that Washuu is imprisoned in. Washuu breaks free in a giant blue light and takes chase. They all run out of the cave and end up back at Katsuhito's house. Finally, Washuu reveals herself and turns Ayeka and Ryoko into water sprites (these weird little platypus looking things) because Ryoko shook her around in the rock too much. then Aeyeka started laughing, and then she said washuu was silly for doing it, so washuu just turned her into one too.

Sasami-chan is the kawaii little sister of Princess Ayeka. She first pops up in the TV series while Tenchi is on a walk home from school. A big gust of wind blew, and when Tenchi looked behind him....there she stood. Tenchi was absolutely dumbstruck!!!!! They talked for a few seconds and then she vanished with another big gust of wind, that almost made Tenchi go insane!!!! Anyway, Tenchi went back to Katsuhito's house to talk to him about what he saw. Strangely enough, Lord Katsuhito was able to tell Tenchi EXACTLY what she looked like, and said she would be coming very soon...(hmmmm.....wonder how he knew that???)...and she did!!!! Sasami comes to live with Tenchi and the others, and is having a field day with this thing that we call chores!!!!

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Here's some Pictures.

The Best Ryoko Picture ever.

Ryoko and Ayeka

Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki

Ryoko...(this looks like fan art.)

Ryoko and Ayeka again...doing something amazing(dont say i didnt warn you!!!)


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Repeat after me......."Ryoko is a Goddess."

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