freeware games - staceyandmark
ACID TETRIS - a remake of the classic tetris game-interesting sound effects & visuals. Acid smileys watch your game & comment on your game play
aSc BOOM - you're a wizard & must destroy the other wizards. Crush bricks, set off bombs....etc.....Game of Stradegy
TWILIGHT LANDS - FREE ONLINE game. In this game you venture into dangerous, monster-infested environs
PYROMANIA - similar to Tetris and Columns with explosions and fireworks
THE LAST EICHOF - for win 3.X - a fighting game
Video Poker - (no download needed for this one-play right off the web)
Solitaire - (no download needed for this one-play right off the web)
A.I. WARS - The Insect Mind - design articifial intelligence of an insect-like mechanized unit. Send your creation into a variety of terrains & see how it fares. You can also compete with others through web sites or BBS forums
SUBSPACE - 2D internet game that puts you into deep space
Go Servant - multiuser play of GO on the internet
Win Cow - 16 player, graphical, real-time battle simulation with a Star Trek theme on the internet
Igames Online Entertainment System - play classic board & card games with otthers over the internet. You can also play Backgammon & Cribbage against your computer with no internet connection
CHUB GAM 3-D - 3D Action/Adventure game a la Doom or Nukem. Your Harrier Jump Jet has crashed in a strange area. Chub welcomes you to his castle, but what does he have in store for you? Encounter waves of enemies & weird characters. Shotguns, machine guns & grenades are all here.
Fruit Salad - shoot the fruit
Arasan - Chess Program. Provides a tough computer opponent & many added options for the game
Xcell Solitaire - same rules as Xcell but with some added features
Conga - simple Dice Game. You can play with up to 3 players or against your PC. Uses simple graphics & no sound
Scopa (32 bit) - Italian card game, complete with rules. The game can be played with 2 players or 4 players in 2 partnerships. The 1st team with 11 or more points at the end of a hand wins
Jumble - word game. Unscramble the letters to find the correct word
Football Fury - Pick your team, opponent & plays
Cybermind (version of Mastermind) - (zip file) A master-mind clone, that will make you starre at it for minutes
NarkoMania v1.0 - (zip file) A very cool Minesweeper clone
Mah-Jongg v5.01 - (exe file) very addictive boardgame with choice of tilesets, layouts, sound, etc
Solitude for Windows 95 - (exe file) 16 solitaire games
Simon 32 v1.0 - (zip file) memory game
TNT Solitaire - (zip file) excellent cardgame, similar to Golf but much better
PocoMan - (exe file)
(games help for PocoMan) - gives you hints and help for the PocoMan game
31 for Windows95 - great cardgame, similar to '21'; multi-player & network options
500 - 500 Rummy clone
Connect 4 for Windows 95/NT 1.1 - Connect 4 is a simple board game for two players
CMT Solitaire for Windows 95 - over 20 solitaire games
Another POOL - simulates a game of pool. This program allows you to apply "English" to your pool cue and use other creative strategies as you rack up points.
SK-111 Star Killer - On a routine patrol mission you and your ship are attacked and captured by the Heptazoids (a race with an undetectable cloaking device). Transported to a not-too-distant system for medical tests, you manage to fight your way out, find your ship, and secure a set of blueprints for the cloaking device used on board. Now you must fight for your life and the freedom of the universe during the long journey home.
Casino Regal - more than 20 casino games with enhanced features such as real-time audio and video. Play slot machines, roulette, blackjack, video poker, Caribbean Stud, and more from the comfort and convenience of your computer desktop.
Dilbert's Desktop Games - Now you can bring Dilbert, Dogbert, Ratbert, the pointy-haired boss, and other characters to your computer with Dilbert's Desktop Games.
Doreamon Attack 2 v1.0 - Doreamon Attack will prove just how good you really are with a mouse. You must protect your red bean cake cursor from the attacking robot cats by moving it out of the way. Everytime you get hit, you lose a point. Lose all your points and the game is over. Sounds easy? It's not! You need to have Direct X installed for this game to work.
Jump On! - The goal here is simple: click the mouse button at the right time to make the gymnast land on her feet. If you mistime your click, she kisses the floor resoundingly! Three levels of difficulty.
Lord Monarch - Ever want to push people around? Now's your chance! This game is sort of a cross between the classics Populous and Warcraft. At least, that's the first level. The second level takes place in a fast food restaurant! There are more levels too.
Asy500 - 500 card game - (NOT 500 rummy....) - classic 500 card game
Cyberdogs - A one- or two-player game in which mercenaries stumble through a maze in search of ammo and utilities that they will use for their next mission
South Park: Avenging Kenny's Death - South Park fans: Kenny has died at the hands of Eric Cartman. Will this act go unpunished? Will Cartman ever lose weight? You can at least address the first question in this game by directing the two avengers, Kyle and Stan, to capture Cartman and make his tubby booty pay for what he's done. This game features several independent segments, including Cartman chases, a "bash-the-Cartman" sequence, a Mr. Hankey shoot-out, and more.
Red Baron - Sierra is giving away, for FREE, our original 16-color DOS version of the most celebrated WWI flight sim in history, Red Baron
Betrayal at Krondor - This is the free disk version of Betrayal At Krondor 1.02
Chub Game 3-D - Face your worst nightmares in 3-D with this Special Edition of the Freeware Game of the Year. The nightmare lives on with a brand new release of the world's #1 freeware game. Chub Gam 3-D, the Directors Cut, strikes terror into even the most seasoned players with new levels, controversial cinema cut scenes, new characters, additional digital sounds, and more action than ever before. The story: Your Harrier Jump-Jet has crashed in a strange area. Your co-pilot is dead. Your only hope is to follow a voice you hear echoing across the foreign terrain. You are welcomed into Chub's castle, but what does he have in store for you? Encounter waves of enemies and weird characters. Not your usual 3-D corridor shooter! You are ready for anything with an immense array of weaponary at your disposal including: shotguns, machine guns, grenades, missile launchers, chemical weapons (Make sure you strap on the gas mask first...), and more. Requires 386-33 or better, DOS, VGA graphics, 600K free memory, and Sound Blaster support. Windows 95/98 DOS Mode and Pentium I/II compatible. NOTE: Use the -d option if you decompress with Pkunzip to keep the proper directory structure
SK-111 Star Killer - This free arcade game for Windows features 3D graphics and lots of action. A 486 or better processor is recommended
Bubble Puzzle - a fun arcade game in which you try to burst colored bubbles by shooting and linking three bubbles of the same color.
Solitude for Windows - Get rid of plain old solitaire. Try this collection of 55 (and counting) free versions of solitaire for your relaxation or spare time. Popular games such as Canfield, Eight Off, King Albert, and Klondike are included, plus many more you may never have heard of.

Moonshot - Land on the moon with Moonshot, a freeware game based on a nearly arcade classiccalledLunar Lander. The object of the game is to land on the moon without crashing
Super Rebound - Play a Breakout clone with Super Rebound, a freeware game from Europress Software that is very similar to the classic arcade game Breakout
Cult - Cult is an interesting freeware adventure game that challenges your deductive reasoning, memory, and negotiation skills
Deep Space Intruder - This free space shoot-'em-up is an excellent game that is simple to play and action-packed. As in the game Galaga, you are in control of a ship flying through space. There are enemy ships and asteroids to shoot and avoid, as well as powerups to collect
Columns for Windows - a Tetris-like game that challenges you to arrange colored blocks as they fall down a well
South Park and the Magic Master - a role-playing game incorporating lots of elements of the show. You cruise around figuring out secrets, meeting the other kids, and zapping aliens and psycho murderer-types. The Visitors (the aliens) are invading South Park, and you've got to save the town
Bubble Puzzle - (direct download zip) - In this game the player has to shoot colored balls to the top of the screen by adjusting the angle of the ball canon. Three balls of the same color which touch each other will be removed from the playing field. Your goal is to remove all balls from the level
MemGame - (direct file download zip)- A memory game which plays in both numbers or pictures mode
Hangman Deluxe - (direct download zip) - computerized version of the well-known word guessing game with support for Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish. Nice graphics
VikTris v1.0 - (direct download zip) - The ultimate windows Tetris clone. Rediscover the fun of playing Tetris all over again. 256 colors, sound and music, fully animated, level and difficulty control, standard and advanced modes, background wallpapers
Chub Gam 3D: Director's Cut - (direct download zip) - Face your worst nightmares in 3-D with this Special Edition of the Freeware Game of the Year. The nightmare lives on with a brand new release of the world's #1 freeware game. Chub Gam 3-D, the Directors Cut, strikes terror into even the most seasoned players with new levels, controversial cinema cut scenes, new characters, additional digital sounds, and more action than ever before
Stone's Throw - (direct file download) - a collection of three challenging Windows 95/98/NT dice games with 3D rendered graphics, an intuitive interface, realistic sound effects and your choice of music
Nonsence Trilogy - (direct file download) - Fast arcadestyle platform gameplay. Nice graphics and great sound effects
Defense Of The Squid Man v1.1 - (direct file download) - Windows 95/98 shoot-em-up game with three progressively more difficult levels of game play (including animation, music, and sound effects), plus an integrated background story and instructions. Control Squiggler Q. Squidman to destroy the space pirates' ships, before they destroy Squiggler, his family, and the fantastically luxuriant and fulfilling life to which they have all become accustomed
Nonsense Madness v1.0 - (direct file download zip) - The sequel to Nonsense Trilogy is here at last! We´re proud to bring you Nonsense Madness. The latest contribution to the Nonsense-series. Play 20 strange levels in this new arcade/platform game, which stars the man with the oddly spelled name, Mr Nonsens. The game is divided into 6 different acts. Each act consists of 3-4 levels. Of course this game features some great graphics, and CD-quality sound effects
Sheepshot v1.0.2.0 - (direct file download zip) - What could be more nerve calming then killing defenseless farm animals? Kill these foul beasts for fun and profit. SheepShot lets you hammer away at endless herds of playful sheep, with bullets and high explosives, even particle guns. SheepShot is a game for all the family, if your entire family is warped beyond all hope...
WebWar v0.1 - (direct file download zip) - A fast paced 3D action game. Evade and destroy. A popular combination which ensures exciting gameplay. Also supports D3D compatible cards. Requires DirectX5 or above
Panzer Arena v0.4 - (direct file download zip) - In this new action game the player navigates a tank through an arena full of enemies. The arena is as big as the screen and different enemies enter the arena through the gates on every side
Super '97 Software Games Collection - (direct file download) - A total of 13 games! Schoolyard Football, Doom Fighter, Alien 3-D 1&2, Arcadian, and more
WarpCycle 2 v1.0 - (direct file download zip) - WarpCycle 2 is based on the game from the movie 'Tron'. Includes new features. 1 or 2 players
Clickomania - (direct file download) - Use logic to remove colored stones
Ball Master - (direct file download) - Ball Master is a pleasant, 32-bit, freeware game. The objective is to line up several balls of the same color on a grid. Once the magic number (from three to six) of same-color balls is reached, they're removed and you score points
DX Ball - (direct file download) - a good Breakout-type paddle game
Visual Blackjack - (direct file download) - Play a free blackjack game
Ringing Bells - Play the slots
Wup evil alien butt and win great prizes
Chess - It! - a feature-rich but free Chess game
Tangram (Sergei) - Solve Chinese puzzles
Bomberman - an arcade-style game of explosions
Geerts Backgammon - Play backgammon against the computer
WinSoko - free maze game
Super Cube - 3D blocks game
Solo - free suite of more than 70 Solitaire games to choose from and also allows you to create your own one player card games
Bloobs - Clear the screen of advancing pieces with Bloobs, a Freeware game in which you have to put together three or more of the same pieces per shot. The game is won when the entire screen is empty
Keep Your Cool - Play a game to control stress