Affidavit of Charles Vincent Soutillo

State of Alabama )
County of Baldwin )

I CHARLES VINCENT SOUTULLO, having been duly sworn does hereby say:

1. My name is Charles Vincent Soutollo. I testified at the trial of State of Florida v. Paul William Scott in 1979. I was twenty-one years old then.

2. At the time i testified, I went along with what the police and state wanted me to say even if it wasn't accurate. I said everything they wanted me to say. They kept pressuring me because they wanted to get Scott (Paul William Scott) bad. the police kept telling me that they wanted to get Scott.

3. When I saw Rick (Kondian) and Scott the night that Jim (Alessi) was killed, Rick did all the talking. Scott never said anything to me about robbing, stealing from or hurting anyone. he did not say anything about doing those kind of things to Jim. In fact, when Rick told me those things, Scott didn't even hear it.

4. Even before this night, Rick talked about robbing people. Once, on a speed boat, out of no where, Rick asked me to help him tie the guy up that owned the boat so that they could rob him. I told him the same thing that I told him the night that he asked me to go with him to Jim's house. I told him I would not go.

5. When Scott's case was going on, I had my own legal problems with the courts in Fort Lauderdale and California. I was scared that I would have to do time in jail. I was sure that the police and state would help me on my case. They told me that they would put in a good word and help me.

6. I talked to Detective Bernie Collins on a number of occasions. He kept telling me what to say. He would tell me about the murder. He would then tell me that he would interview me again and that I should the things he told me. For example, he told me to say that Rick and Paul were going to take Jim's clothes off and then tie him up. Detective Collins also told me to talk about the battery acid. He told me what to say and he knew I was lying at trial.

7. Detective Collins used a tape recorder when he took my statements. he would tell me what to say before turning the tape recorder on and he also turned it on and off. during the interview and reminded me what to say. He did this to make sure I got it right.

8. I was surprised that Scott was charged with murder. he was the kind of guy to stay out of trouble. Rick was the kind of person that usually called all of the shots. He was a leader type. Rick knew Jim.

9. Like I said above, I didn't say these things at Scott's trial because I was scared and I just said what the state and police wanted me to say. It was Rick, not Scott, who asked me to go to Jim's. The only other person around was my girl friend, Felicia Brooks, and she did not hear what was said. I never told her that Scott said anything, because he didn't.

Further affiant sayeth naught.

Charles Vincent Soutullo.

Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 28th day of October 1994,
by Charles Vincent Soutullo.