My name is Timothy Reinig and I reside at 91 Roosevelt Avenue, Buffalo, New York. I telephoned attorney Paul Morris on November 1, 1983 with the following information which he asked me to swear to on behalf of Paul William Scott.

I was under arrest and in custody at the West Palm Beach County Jail when Rick Kondian was on the same tier in custody for the murder of James Alessi. While we were on the same tire, I had conversations with Kondian, who confessed to me that the had killed James Alessi, and his co-defendant, Paul William Scott, and run out on him. He told me that Scott had run right through a screen because the house was locked from the inside,while he was beating Alessi. At another time, I was in the same jail when Scott was there. Scott told me that Kondian had committed the murder.

I offer the above testimony as a voluntary statement. I cannot afford to testify in person in Florida, but am willing to do so if transportation expenses are provided.

Timothy Reinig
91 Roosevelt Avenue
Buffalo, New York

Sworn to before me the undersigned notary public who states that Timothy Reinig appeared before me on Dec. 8, 1983, and swore to the truth of the above statement and signed same in my presence.