M urder They Wrote


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Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just Ourselves
And Immortality

Emily Dickinson,The Chariot

"Looking back, it's so much clearer today, to realize just what in the hell was going on that miserable night. Here was one would-be-street-hustling con artist, Rick Kondian, trying to outsucker this smooth cock sucker, out of some of his drugs. On the other hand, here was Jim Alessi, a world-class "chickenhawk", doing what he did best: Bring kids into private chambers to elicit homosexual favors from them."

"And here was I, a dumb-ass ghetto kid, thinking I'm going to somehow improve upon the situation for my newly found friend Rick."

"What neither Rick nor I had realized was what went on inside the cunning mind of the masterful Jim Alessi. He knew all along we couldn't be trusted to provide him with what he loved most - having uninhibited, unsafe, sex with young guys. And so, to be one step ahead of us he did what any world- class chickenhawk would do - he laced the fucking pot!"

"Now I ain't no Sherlock Holmes, please understand, and I sure ain't no rocket scientist, but I know my grass. I was brought up on the stuff, where "smoke" is a way of life, a necessary part of a poor boy's meager existence. Marijuana was the "escape" we could have never otherwise attained, a way out from the dismal digs of poverty we were born to. What Alessi did was to mix pcp - angel dust - with the pot to make us all submissive to the orgy he had planned for us in his mind.

"Most chickenhawks use angel dust on their young prey, because it makes them become "lost", unaware of their surroundings. "Space cadets" is the term that came from this effect, when the drug world became aware of the endless possibilities angel dust presented. Since it is a "dust", it can be easily added to pot and make for some powerful weed. And, a side effect, pcp can give a person super- powerful strength beyond belief."

"The next thing I knew I was in Disneyland or a reasonable likeness of it. Feeling dizzy, I wandered off and lay myself down to a spinning nearby room. It didn't occur to me at the time that the pot had been messed with. We each had a drink Alessi had mixed so one way or another, the guy had plans to make out that night."

"The next thing I knew, while lying on a couch in the adjoining room, was the sound of Kondian screaming bloody murder and calling my name. I had to think for a moment to figure out just where in the hell I was. Wow, I felt like I had been run over by a steamroller. Rushing out to the commotion I saw Alessi, totally nude, had Rick pinned to the couch beating the hell out of him. Rick, at 145 pounds, 5'8" was no match for the giant of a man Alessi seemed to be, on top of Rick and pounding the daylights out of him. At this exact moment there could have been no doubt in anyone's mind that this was an act of self-defense on Kondian's part."

"Because Alessi would not stop when I tried to pull him off, I hit him over the head with a vase, then a flower pot, and then a small kitchen chair. Alessi then came after me and Rick jumped up on his back, only to be slammed hard up against the wall. Rick then took a paperweight to strike Alessi unconscious. Out of fear Rick grabbed a knife and handed it to me to cut a lamp cord to make a rope to tie Alessi up, in case he made another charge on us. In my panic I tried to cut the cord without unplugging the lamp. All I can remember was sparks, the flashing of electricity, and I ran. I headed for the front door buy was unable to escape the keyed dead bolt lock. When I realized this I took off out the back, right through a screen enclosure by the pool."

"My involvement can be verified by the fingerprints and the blood left at the scene. When I left, one thing was certain; James Alessi was still alive and very much a threat to my well being. What happened after I left has been pieced together by some very resourceful attorneys and investigators, and was a long, long time in coming."

George "Bo" Cook, Jr. (Paul William Scott) can't tell you what happened next because he wasn't there. i can tell you what the investigators told us happened next, and I can back it up with positive proof all the way through. Either Alessi regained consciousness, or he didn't although he was still quite alive. Rick Kondian stayed there that night and crushed a bottle, and unopened bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, onto the head of Alessi until he was, in fact, dead. Rick's left index finger still bears the scar from the wire capping on that bottle, which he took with him when he finally left that night. The telltale proof of that act lies in a circle of blood, found at the crime scene and photographed by the Boca Raton Police Department's crime scene investigators on that unforgettable evening of December 5, 1978.

A trail of blood, Rick Kondian's blood, led from the crime scene into the bathroom where Rick cleaned himself up following the altercation. What Rick couldn't tolerate was what Alessi had demanded from him that evening: Unequivocal homosexual sex. When Alessi went off into his bedroom earlier that evening, he returned completely in the nude, attempting to place his penis into Kondian's mouth. By this time Bo was passed out in the next room.

Gay hustlers don't perform oral or anal sex, according to the code of the street. They will allow a gay to give them oral sex, and that's all. Because Alessi stuck his penis in Kondian's face and triad to sexually assault him, Kondian felt raped. When a man i raped he loses his manhood, he feels, and this caused Rick Kondian to snap. Between the alcohol, drugs and attempted rape, he lost all control and went into a violent rage. Sperm was found on Alessi revealing a most-likely sexual encounter, according to the medical examiner's most recent report (and contrary to his first report). The shower that Rick felt compelled to have despite Alessi's corpse lying in the next room further confirmed this sexual assault that Kondian was not about to let happen - no way!"

When Kondian returned to Bo's motel apartment that night he confronted Bo with anger for having left the bloody scene prematurely. Why had Bo ran out on him knowing what Alessi had attempted to do?

Witnesses recount the aggressiveness of Kondian versus the calmness of Bo, the passive attitude that is explained in Bo Cook's psychiatric evaluation report. That same report reveals a person of Bo's mental capacity (IQ of 69, borderline retardation) would be highly unlikely to lead an alter action such as had taken place in Alessi's home."

What you have just read is the truth as it happened that night - something that was not brought out in the kangaroo court that followed. George "Bo" Cook Jr. was arrested and charged with murder in the first degree. Some strange maneuvering began to take place in the Palm Beach County Courthouse: Bo became Paul William Scott upon his arrest, because of the SWP (Supreme White Power) tattoo. Convinced he wasn't Steven William Prince, they reversed the letters, or read them upside down, and Bo was a brand new man: Paul William Scott.

It takes two to speak the truth
One to speak, and another to hear.

Henry David Thoreau, Concorde & Merrimack

There is nothing so powerful as truth
And often nothing so strange.

Daniel Webster, Arguing a 1830 Murder Trial