Affidavit of Dexter Coffin


I, Dexter Coffin, having been duly sworn, hereby say:

1. My name is Dexter Coffin. I presently live in Charlottesville, Virginia. In 1978, I was incarcerated at the Palm Beach County Jail with Richard Kondian.

2. A certain cell block at the Palm Beach County Jail was known as "The Captain's Cell." It was named for Captain Jack Donnelly who had a reputation for trying to get information about the important cases of the inmates at the jail. It was common knowledge that anyone housed in the Captain's Cell either had information in which the state and police were interested or were there to help Captain Donnelly obtain this information.

3. Richard Kondian and I were both placed in the Captain's Cell. Captain Donnelly pulled me aside soon after I arrived at the jail and told me he wanted my help getting information from Richard Kondian. From that point on, we had daily meetings in which I briefed the state on anything that Richard Kondian revealed to me about the murder of James Alessi.

4. It turned out that Richard Kondian did end up confiding in me and asking for my advice quite a bit. Actually, many of the inmates asked for my advice because they felt that I understood the law. In seeking advice, Rick would tell me a lot about what happened on the night that the victim was killed. Rick clearly stated to me many times that he killed James Alessi or "that fag," as Rick would call him. Rick specifically told me that he beat the shit out of him and killed him", by hitting him over the head. He was talking about how he he killed James Alessi and he never mentioned anything about Paul Scott helping him.

5. In my daily meetings with Captain Donnelly and the representatives of the state, I would divulge to them whatever I had learned from Rick. I repeatedly informed them that Rick said that he was responsible for killing James Alessi.

6. Richard Kondian was a very confrontational man. He was extremely demanding. Even though I am much bigger than Rick, he would not hesitate to get very aggressive with me. He was really pushy with the other inmates, even if they were a lot bigger. He was very self-centered and would interrupt my reading or watching TV and insist that I do what he wanted to do. usually, what he wanted was to discuss his case.

7. It was important to Rick for everyone to know hat he was very manly and strong. Since the other inmates had heard that Rick had a sexual relationship with the victim, Rick would try to act real tough and say insulting things about "fags." He was always referring to the victim this way and trying to defend the idea that he was sexually involved with the victim.

8. When Rick talked to me about the night he killed James Alessi, he said that he went over there because he knew he could get drugs from the victim. Rick said he went over there because he had a shortage of drugs.

9. Though I had daily meeting s with the state and told them numerous time that Rick was confession to me, they never asked me to sign to such a statement or to make this statement in public. I they had asked me to give this information to anyone at all, I would have done it.

Further affiant sayeth naught.

Dexter Coffin

Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 11th day of August, 1994
Provided proper identification