To Mr. Chiles,

Governor of the State of Florida



Ede, the Netherlands October 26 1998


Dear Sir,


I write you about the planned execution of P.W. Scott.

I beg mercy of you and pray ernestly that you will examine this case


The death of a man with an IQ of 69 would be a shame especially when

there is so much prove he didn't do what he is sentensed for; it can't

be that difficult to reopen his case and find out so easy he is not

guilty but at the contrary totally innocent.

I get the feeling you use the way of the least resistance to burn

him,what is easier then execute a person who doesn't quiet understand

what's happening so you can say to your voters "see, we protect you by

executing/killing a murderer."

Please prove to Mr. Scott, me and the whole world, yes indeed, a whole

lot of people worldwide are waiting for your reaction, we are wrong

thinking this.

Just remember my dear Mr. Chiles, if you might decide to execute him

his innocent blood will come over you, executing a person while

knowing he is innocent is murder, no more and no less.

I thank you for your time and truly hope you will find the humanity to

let this man life.


Respectfully, I am


Fred Kolkman

The Netherlands