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Welcome To Shani's Profiler Page

Welcome to Shani's Profiler Page! This is a Page To my Favorite Show Profiler. Here is some News: Profiler has renewed for a new season and the season premiere will be on October 17. In this season Jack will be on only in a the first few episodes. Describtion of the show: "Profiler" is a stylish, hour-long suspense-thriller. Ally Walker ("While You Were Sleeping") stars as a brilliant female forensic psychologist with a unique gift for understanding the criminal mind, who is persuaded by her former mentor (Robert Davi, "Die Hard") to head up an elite team of talented professionals who investigate high-profile crimes throughout the country. Dr. Sam Waters (Walker) was a fast-track forensic psychologist with a special skill that enabled her to comprehend the human psyche and, as a result, to "think" in pictures and visualize a crime through the eyes of both the victim and the killer. Such a prized talent often gives law enforcement an edge in identifying criminals, but it exacted a heavy price on Sam: Three years ago she got too close to a serial slayer named Jack, and he murdered her husband. Her grief gives a dark, personal edge to their ongoing battle of wits. Devastated and guilt-ridden after her husband's death, Sam retired and retreated with her young daughter, Chloe (Caitlin Wachs, "Days of Our Lives"), to live an anonymous life in the country with her close friend Angel Brown (Erica Gimpel, "Fame"). In the series' pilot, Sam is coaxed out of self-imposed isolation by her old friend Bailey Malone (Davi), head of the FBI Investigative Support Unit, to assist in solving a baffling spate of serial killings. Set in Atlanta, Sam joins a federal task force with Malone as her protective liaison. Her nemesis stalker, "Jack of All Trades," lets her know he's resumed tracking her while his own skein of serial murders continue. However, despite her cat-and-mouse game with Jack, Sam's mental imagery will be used to investigate other crimes, taking viewers on a roller-coaster ride as she matches wits with arsonists, assassins, bombers, perpetrators of hate crimes, and other elusive antagonists. Sam and Malone enlist a crack unit of specialists, including Detective John Grant (Julian McMahon, "Magneta"), a handsome, driven professional who is uneasy with Sam's unorthodox methods; Detective Nathan Brubaker (Michael Whaley, "Sisters"), an altruistic ex-attorney; Grace Alvarez (Roma Maffia, "Chicago Hope"), a gifted forensic specialist; and George Findley (Peter Frechette, "Dream Street"), a world-class computer hacker. "Profiler" is a production of Sander/Moses Productions in association with NBC Studios. Ian Sander ("I'll Fly Away") and Kim Moses ("New York News") are the executive producers. George Geiger ("Miami Vice") is the co-executive producer. Charles D. Holland ("Murder One") is co-producer. Cynthia Saunders ("L.A. Law") is the creator and supervising producer

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