Band History

Stab the Judge started out as a band that Erik and i(Manic) would start and make our other band The Don't Cares a side project. The Don't Cares was a band that consisted of Erik, Bubba, and myself. Our only objectives with this band was to create a chaotic environment for wherever we played.

Erik and I were in the band Amerikkka's Least Wanted when Bubba and ourselves wanted to create a band that was just out to have fun and be annoying, offensive, and destructive. At first this seemed to be a great idea and for a while it was. A.L.W.'s downfall was from during the late summer of 98- november 98. In Sept. (Labor Day) Syracuse was blessed with a storm that caused much destruction within the city. During this time Erik wrote what would be the first Don't Cares/Stab the Judge songs at Bubba's house in candle light and unpowered electric guitars. "Getting Married" a love ballad and "In a R.U.S.H." a song about forced intercourse with skinheads. all in good fun right? We wouldn't play these songs together for about a month. During this time Bubba was working at a nursing home and they were going to be throwing a Christmas party in late November(yes november). He convinced his boss that we were a rock n roll band that played old cover songs such as "la bamba" and "johnny b. goode." as well as origionals. We were going to be paid i believe $50 for doing this. So we asked former drummer of A.L.W. Brandon to fill in for this one gig. He agreed and so The Don't Cares were ready for their first gig. The set that night was all ALW songs, the Germs' "Shutdown", and butchered versions of "Johnny B. Goode" and "La Bamba". I remember the audience made up of mostly middle aged people to be ammused, annoyed, and a little scared. After the we played we stayed for the festivities. Erik almost had the bartender ready to fight him on the account that Erik wouldn't stop bugging him.( I think at one point the bartender threw straws or something at Erik. )By the end of the night we had accomplished minor vandalism and were told by a lady that we should behave more maturely at an adult gathering or something like that.

After the gig we decided to start our search for a full-time drummer and make more songs. Our first drummer was Pete Baldwin(who would later become the drummer for Ill Nature and poster boy for Stab The Judge).
So here's the first line-up:
Erik Least Wanted- Vocals
Bubba- Bass
Manic Monday- Guitar
Pete Baldwin- Drums
Pete couldn't work out because the skinhead song frightened him. He quit, no official practices.

during this time Erik, Bubba, and i would practice in Bubba's basement room writing and working on songs. Our next drummer would be Sean, former drummer of the Deviates(later changed name to Ill Nature). Sean was a perfect drummer for us because he was into what we wanted to do and could play with us very well. The only real problem was transportation because he lived a bit away from us.Now he works all the time and wears sweat pants. So that didn't work out either.
Second Line-up:
(same as first, only Sean as drummer)

I was going to school with Baby Jeezus and through friend Emo Dave I found out that he could play drums and was actually quite good. So i asked him if he would like to jam out with us sometime and he said "sure". Baby Jeezus has played in so many different bands (some semi-popular...some not) that i can't list them all. So one day we practiced at his house. It went over well and we told him that we had a show coming up on Jan. 10th and wondered if he wanted to play full time he said sure and thus the present line-up was created.

Baby Jeezus and i were printing up copies for the Don't Cares show at his work and decided to change the name from Don't Cares to Stab the Judge. From that point on we would be known as Stab the Judge and this is why some of the fliers say Don't Cares and others Stab the Judge

Within 3 weeks we recorded our first demo with 10 songs and two covers. The Germs' "Forming" and our own rendition of Body Count's "Cop Killer". The demo was not good in recording quality at all. On Jan. 10th we handed them out for free to the people there and after the show we continued making copies and handing them out to people at shows.

I guess another big event for us was valentine's day. I was on vacation with my family and the 3 other members were supposed to play a show and Erik would fill in on guitar and sing. From what I recall i guess the PA was fucked up or something and Erik was just pissed off and smashed his guitar and walked off after 1 and 1/2 songs. Another band Ill Nature plugged there gear in and started playing. It's somewhat possible that(this is my opinion) from this point on we would loose respect from some people in the scene.

later that month we would play a house party where Erik under his breath called a group of people there pc fascists and one of these people overheard and more controversy was created. Again about the controversy subject no one really knows because nobody actually came up to us and said we were "banished" or whatever from the scene but it just felt like it. i say (and again my opinion) fuck em if they did.

Since then we have calmed down as people a lot and become a better band focusing on more political subjects in our songs. We've played more shows and are attracting a bit of a following. We recently recorded our 2nd demo and Erik has changed his vocal style to a screeching scream type thing. It's a definate step up compared to the quality of the first demo and people have been complimenting us with it. We played our first out of town show in Scotia, New York (right by Albany). People there were awesome and we met cool bands U$MC and Fugue from Missouri. Anyhow that's the history as of now.
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